• New Scholarship-Mentorship Program. MTSU Undergraduate STEM Students, don't miss this unique opportunity. AMPLIFY Scholarship-Mentorship Program in Quantum/Computation/Material Science Research. Application deadline is September 15th, 2023. Application link:
    Contact: Dr. Hanna Terletska Email:




  • This Fall 2023 MTSU QSInitiative is offering second course in Quantum Computing 2: Application and Professional Certificate. The course is open to all STEM majors. Come and join us in learning how to work on an actual quantum computer. This will help you to jump start your career in modern industry and applications.  For more details, please contact Dr. Hanna Terletska QC2
  • Join us for Quantum Quest Summer Camp for High School Students: June 19-21, 2023. Organizers: MTSU CBAS , MTSU QSInitiative, MTSU Physics and Astronomy Department

  • Bringing quantum education to MTSU: new Qauntum Computing class for undergraduates


  • On April 14th, 2023, MTSU College of Basic andApplied Sciences launched a new interdisciplinary Quantum Science Initiative(MTSU QSInitiative) to proqlmoteresearch, education, andworkforce development in the field of quantum sciences.The initiative aims to prepare the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers and will provide opportunities for students, teachers, and faculty to engage in cutting-edge research and education. MTSU is committed to advancing the field of quantum science in the Middle Tennessee region and is excited to be a part of national quantum efforts.

  • Quantum and success go together (4/14/23)
    This year, MTSU CBAS college got 9 NSF REU winners, 7 of them are in our quantum computing class. Very talented, smart, and motivated students. 
    Photo credit: Robin E. Leestudents

  • The MTSU Quantum Team is very proud of Ariel Nicastro, a physics major and the Vice-President of the MTSU Quantum Computing Club, for receiving the "Outstanding Student Award" and the Paul W. Martin, Sr. Scholarship from the  MTSU Honors College . Photo credit Tatum Hochstetler


  • The MTSU Quantum Team is immensely grateful to the MTSU Honors College for presenting Dr. Terletska with the Exceptional Faculty Service Award for her contributions to MTSU students' success. Photo credit Tatum Hochstetler


  • April 10th, 2023, Dr. Hanna Terletska ran "Quantum for All" workshop at Vanderbilt WONDRY Center



  • Never too early to get into Quantum:  St. Rose of Lima Catholic School's Math Team, led by Kristin Quinby and Bri Bland, came by for some interactive demonstrations (by Dr. Hanna Terletska and Rachel Quinby) of quantum mechanical properties to learn how pysics and math is applicable to the world around us. We extend our gratitude to IONQ for providing Q-stickers for the participants and promoting quantum in Middle Tennessee (4/13/23).


  • MTSU Quantum Team is grateful for the kind thank you cards form Saint Rose Lima Catholic  School Students.1 23

  • Q-Talk: April 24th, 2023, IBM quantum education leader  Brian Ingmanson 
    "Building Up the Quantum Workforce".
  • Brian

  • MTSU's first "Quantum computing " undergraduate class, Spring 2023. 17 students from physics, computer science, math, biology and chemistry majors.



  • Two MTSU Physics Professors Naseri and Terletska Earn MIT Pro Certificates in Quantum Computing Fundamentals!



  • Student Mentoring: Grad School Workshop for WISTEM and Women in Physics Group: Panel Speakers: Dr. Neda Naseri, Dr. Judith Iriarte-Gross, Dr. Hanna Terletska; April 20th, 2023 


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