Strategic Priority 4

Create and support a culture of service through all divisions of the University.

Work Group Care

Co-Chair: Richard Chapman Student Health Services 
Co-Chair: Kathleen Schmand Walker Library
Michael Barton ITD
Quintina Burton Event Coordination
Paula Calahan Curriculum Management
Grace Groeger College of Media and Entertainment
Kathy Musselman Human Resource Services
Zeny Panol College of Media and Entertainment
Andrew Polk College of Liberal Arts
Danielle Rochelle MT One Stop-Outreach/Support Programs


  • Chatbot
     o ITD has been working with content authors across several student affairs areas to populate the Chatbot.
     o They did a soft launch on 4/5 and are already collecting use data.
     o 1,870 questions were received from 4/5 through 4/25.
     o 6-7 additional departments are working on developing content for the Chatbot.
  • Culture of Service Presentations Service panel presentation
     o Feb 16, 2022, “Culture of Service” presentation with the College of Graduate Studies, recording here.
     o Planning for a second presentation in the fall.
     o Looking to apply for a Distinguished Lecture award to support a national speaker.
  • Student Supervisor Training
     o HR developed a Student Supervisor Training Program.
     o Piloted with library staff in December and March.
     o Will be offering two sessions for the MTSU campus during the summer and fall.