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Research and Sponsored Programs Bulletin

It is our intention that the Bulletin informs the campus of the importance and impact of sponsored programs at MTSU.

The mission of MTSU’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is to promote and support faculty success in sponsored scholarship, discovery, innovation, service, and creative activity across all disciplines at MTSU. Toward that end, we perform a dualistic role on campus: 1) compliance assurance on behalf of the University and our sponsors and 2) direct support to faculty and staff for the pursuit and administration of grants and contracts.

The Bulletin will provide information and highlights from our view of campus, from the Garden Level in the Ingram Building, as we carry out our departmental work program of pre-award and post-award services, FRCAC grants, URECA grants, Undergraduate Research Center activity, IRB and IACUC compliance, intellectual property management, and export control compliance.

Please never hesitate to contact me or other ORSP staff with questions, requests for assistance, or comments—including any suggestions for how we can make the Bulletin a helpful resource.

Jeffry Porter, Director

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