Funded Projects

New awards received by MTSU during the month prior - September 2020 

MelissaTowe, Student Support Services
Co-Authors: n/a
Student Support Services at Middle Tennessee State University
Department of Education

Donald Snead, Womack Educational Leadership
Co-Authors: n/a
The Educators' Success Program Access and Diversity
TN Board of Regents

Nancy James, Child Care Lab
Co-Authors: n/a
Loss of Income COVID-19 Disaster/Emergency Response and Relief Grants Round 2
Department of Health & Human Services

Jeffrey Walck, Biology
Co-Authors: Herlihy, Chris
FY20 MTSU Pyne's ground-plum
Department of the Interior/ Fish and Wildlife Service

April Weissmiller, Biology
Co-Authors: n/a
The MYC-SWI/SNF connection in rhabdoid tumors
National Institutes of Health

John Wallin, Physics & Astronomy
Co-Authors: Phelps; Friedli; Hein; Barbosa
Cybertechnology Development and Exploration of Learning Processes in Augmented Reality Team Environments (CyberlearnAR)
National Science Foundation

James Wicks, Biology
Co-Authors: Farone, Mary
CBAS First Generation Peer Mentor Program
TN Board of Regents

Ryan Otter, Biology
Co-Authors: n/a
Technical support C-RAC Operations - toxicology genetics, micro biome, contaminant analysis, and propagation research
TN Wildlife Resources Agency

Tony Johnston, Agriculture
Co-Authors: n/a
A grant through the Tennessee Wine and Grape Board to support establishment and operation of a wine analysis center
TN Department of Agriculture

Murat Arik, BERC
Co-Authors: n/a
MTSU Application for USDA CFTAT
Department of Agriculture/Rural Development

Raphael Bundage, Governor's School for the Arts
Co-Authors: n/a
Governor's School for the Arts 2020 and 2021
TN Department of Education

Paul Eubanks, Sociology & Anthropology
Co-Authors: n/a
Design, Printing, and Distribution of Posters for TN Archaeological Awareness Month 
Department of the Interior/National Park Service

MTSU Sponsored Programs Scholars Directory

Scholars Directory is a catalog of funded proposals from July 2015 to the present.  The directory will allow you to search by the primary investigator's name, department, grant title, as well as gain details regarding the funding sponsor and program.