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Tennessee Board of Regents Awards Funding for Inclusive Pedagogy Project

Congratulations are in order to the center's Director, Dr. Greg Rushton (PI) and his colleagues, Dr. Grant Gardner (Biology) and Dr. Sarah K. Bleiler-Baxter (Mathematical Sciences) who are also PI's for this project. Their research project has been awarded funding from the Tennessee Board of Regents. The project is entitled Inclusive Pedagogy among STEM Faculty: A Professional Development Program for Becoming Aware and Culturally Responsive and has three focal points. The first major point being to support faculty in becoming more aware of and responsive to varied backgrounds, learning styles, and culture of learners in STEM courses. Additionally, this project will serve to promote reflective practice among faculty with respect to inclusive pedagogy. Finally, this project is seeking to spark cultural change within the STEM departments with respect to a focus on inclusion. We are excited to see how their research pans out and wish them the best of luck!

MTSU Faculty and Undergraduate Student's Research Showcased on Out of the Blue

Dr. Hanna Terletska

Dr. Hanna Terletska, Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, was one of the first two MTSU professors to be recognized by the National Science Foundation as one of the nation's top young faculty members. This accomplishment is not only rewarding to the recipients but promotes a research infrastructure at MTSU. Dr. Terletska's professional path led her to MTSU because she was looking for a place where she could engage in research as well as teach. MTSU aligned with her professional aspiration to be a teaching research scholar. Join Andrew Oppmann as Dr. Terletska, talks about her research, her love of teaching, and the importance of inspiring young women to pursue careers in science.

Dr. Mary Farone

Dr. Mary Farone, with MTSU's Department of Biology, has successfully secured federal funding for two microbiology projects. One grant is sponsored by the National Institute of Health and the second with the Department of Agriculture. Admirably, Dr. Farone has gone to great lengths to include undergraduate students in the research process. By doing so, undergraduate students gain independence, confidence, and learn many new techniques.  Listen in as Dr. Farone speaks of these skills, the impact of their research, and MTSU’s new state-of-the-art Science Building.

Dr. Molly Taylor-Poleskey

Assistant Professor Dr. Molly Taylor-Poleskey teaches Digital History within the College of Liberal Arts. Dr. Taylor-Poleskey's digital project, Bygone Nashville, with its rich content, catches and holds the viewer's interest. It uses multimedia storytelling skills to explore the history of East Nashville neighborhoods. Dr. Taylor-Poleskey’s prompts and inspiration guided the creation of the project through the efforts and observations of undergraduate students. The students, including URECA grant recipient Audrey Creel, took themes such as religious history, architectural history, and travel history, applied them in different ways to create a public walking tour as well.