Below is a list of the proposals submitted by MTSU during the month prior - February 2021 

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Gardner, Grant
Collaborative Research: A Delphi Study to Develop an Assessment of Departmental Culture Effects on Biology Graduate Student Teaching Professional Development

Lee, Deborah
Development and Testing of a Web-based Frailty-focused Communication Training Program
American Nurses Foundation

Chafin, Cynthia
MTSU 2021 MHAT Application
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

Gardner, Justin
Co-PI: Luitel, Kishor
Agribusiness, Fun and Games for Profit

Franklin, Sekou
Participatory Redistricting Project (PRP)
Sociological Initiatives Foundation

Fischer, Robert
Dean's office
Tennessee Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (Mid-Level Alliance)

Walker, Donald 
Collaborative Research: MIM: Gut-inhabiting fungi influence structure and function of herptile microbiomes through horizontal gene transfer and novel metabolic function

Sauls, Jenny
Co-PI: Chapman, Richard
COVID 19 Vaccine Sites at MTSU

Archived Proposals

  FY PI Co-PI Dept. Title Sponsor Amount
  2021 Bedekar, Vishwas N/A  ETIS 2021 Board of Architectural and Engineering Examiners Grant Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance $20,000
  2021 Ye, Dong N/A  MATH Flows, Circuit Covering and Embeddings of Graphs Simons Foundation $42,000
  2021 Hong, Don N/A  MATH NLP and other AI Techniques for Applications in Actuarial Science Casualty Acturial Society and Society of Actuaries $23,803
  2021 Casha, Constance N/A  Early Learning Programs MTSU Home and Community Based Early Intervention Program US Department of Education $2,587,359
  2021 Fialka, Andrew Baran, Emily History Tracking the Yankee Plague: Historical Applications of Probabilistic Modeling National Endowment for the Humanities $64,774
  2021 Haffner, John N/A  ABAS Does Trailering Affect the Response to the Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone Stimulation Test in Horses? BIVI $5,200
  2021 Shouse, Lauren Goodwin, Katie THEA
Play Space, a New Play Development Initiative
Tennessee Arts Commission $9,000
  2021 Coleman, Keonte N/A  JOUR Middle Tennessee News High School Journalism Bureau Incubator Scripps Howard Foundation $386,700
  2021 Saul, Tiffany N/A  FIRE Collaborative Research: Intra-individual Plasticity of Bone in Humans in Response to Life Experience National Science Foundation $51,883
  2021 Miller, Hilary N/A  Veterans & Military Family Center Application for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP)  U.S. Department of Homeland Security $15,000
  2021 Harden, Vickie N/A  SOWO How I Got Over: An Analysis of Enslaved African Narratives on Socialization of Children, Formation of Community, and Resilience to Chronic Historical Trauma National Endowment for the Humanities $249,954
  2021 Ku, Seockmo N/A  ABAS Probiotic-mediated Biocatalysis of Phytosteroidal Glycosides for the Production of Aglycone Molecules that Upregulate Osteogenic and Myogenic Differentiation DARPA  $499,851
  2021 Gao, Ying Arik, Murat; Phillips, Nathan ABAS Improving the Profitability and Sustainability of Wild and Wild-simulated American Ginseng Production through a Systemic Approach of Genetics, Biology, Ecology, Economics, and Outreach USDA NIFA $500,000
  2021 Miller, Justin N/A  CHEM Acquisition of Fluorescence Instrumentation to Support Research and Education in Materials, Synthetic, and Biophysical Chemistry NSF $143,777
  2021 Law, Zada N/A  GEOS Development of GIS Layers for Data Gathered by THC NPS $50,000
  2021 Eubanks, Paul N/A  ART Design, Printing, and Distribution of Posters for Tennessee Archeology Awareness Month NPS $3,541
  2021 Rowe, Emmanuel N/A  ETIS Acquisition of a Powder X-ray Diffraction for Multidisciplinary Research, Training, and Teaching NSF $282,619
  2021 Smith, Daniel N/A  PERI Online MA Public Choice Course Acton Institute $10,000
  2021 Weissmiller, April  N/A  BIOL Understanding and Inhibiting MYC Function in Rhabdoid Tumors Rally Foundation $50,000
  2021 Cui, Song N/A  ABAS Native Warm Season Perennials: An Enduring Solution to Summer Drought and Slump for Fescue Belt Organic Forage Production USDA


  2021 Rowe, Emmanuel N/A  ETIS Collaborative Research: Scintillator Ceramics: The Role of Densification on Improving Energy Resolution NSF


  2021 Summers, Robert N/A  International Affairs Support to American-Style Higher Education in Iraq US Department of State


  2021 Dyer, Elizabeth N/A  TSEC Developing Student Mathematical Competence and Identity Through the Advanced Mathematics Program NSF


  2021 Wu, Qiang N/A  MATH Collaborative Research: Mathematical Foundation of Learning with Information-Theoretic Criteria from Non-Gaussian Data NSF


  2021  Chafin, Cynthia N/A  CHHS  Increasing Stakeholder Awareness and Participation in Tennessee’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  
  2021  Sluder, Richard N/A  US  A Collaboration between University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Tuskegee University, and Middle Tennessee State University Association of Public Land-Grant Universities  
  2021  Dopwell, Donna N/A  SOWO  DISES: Coupled Environmental and Human Responses to Catastrophic Events in Puerto Rico NSF  
  2021  James, Nancy N/A  Child Care Lab  Application for "Loss of Income COVID-19 Diaster/Emergency Response and Relief Grants"--fourth round of funding Childcare and Development Fund  
  2021 Harden, Vickie N/A  SOWO  Racial Equity Advancement for Children of Tennessee (REACT)  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation  
  2021  Coleman, Keonte N/A  JOUR  News Industry Leaders Address Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Amidst a Racial Reckoning  Andrew Carnegie Foundation  
  2021 Foss, Katherine N/A JOUR  #COVID19: The Intersection of Media, Government, and Public Health in the 2020 Pandemic  Andrew Carnegie Foundation  
  2021  Chafin, Cynthia N/A  CHHS  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Death Scene Investigation  Health Resources and Services Administration  
  2021 Urban, David N/A  TSBDC  TSBDC at MTSU 2021  SBA  
  2021 Singleton, Mandy N/A  TSEC  Hub Operations and Innovative Educator Workshop  Battle  
  2021 Geho, Patrick N/A  TSBDC  Tennessee Small Business Development Centers  SBA  
  2021 James, Nancy N/A  Child Care Lab  Application for "Loss of Income COVID-19 Diaster/Emergency Response and Relief Grants"--third round of funding  Childcare and Development Fund  
  2021 Jessen, Jason N/A  BIOL  Regulation of Planar Cell Polarity in Migrating Cells  NIH  
  2021 Lischka, Alyson N/A MATH  Collaborative Research: Using Networked Improvement Communities to Scale Up Program Transformation for Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation  NSF  
  2021 Orak, Ugur N/A  SOCI  Stressors, Acculturative Stress, and Mental Health Problems among Traumatized Highly-Educated Immigrants  Russell Sage Foundation  
  2021 Lee, Deborah N/A  NURS  RN Residency: Transition to Practice in Long-Term Care  Civil Monetary Penalty Reinvestment Program  
  2021 West, Carroll Van N/A  CHP  Tennessee History for 21st Century Tennesseans  TBR  
  2021 Torsney, Cheryl Korstange, Ryan Provost's Office  Embracing OER for Inclusive Student Success  TBR  
  2021 Mosley, Chaney Haruna, Samuel; Hollis, Maegan; O'Brien, Keely; Luitel, Kishor ABAS Soil, Animal, Food, and Economic (SAFE) Research, Education, and Outreach USDA
  2021 Collins, Joe D N/A GEOS Collaborative Research: Late Quaternary Paleohydrology and Paleoclimate Records of Silver Lake Playa Complex on the Owyhee Plateau, Northern Nevada, Great Basin NSF
  2021 Wang, Chengshan N/A CHEM Address the 3D Structure of Membrane Protein in Monolayer with Chemical Bond Resolution by a Novel Method Combining Raman and pMAIRS NSF
  2021 Cui, Song N/A ABAS Designing Farmer's Goal-oriented Grain Rotations to Optimize Agronomic, Economic, And Ecological Outcomes in Tennessee USDA NIFA
  2021 Ding, Keying N/A CHEM A Rethinking of Borrowing Hydrogen: From Ligand Design to New Reactions and Mechanisms NSF
  2021 Weissmiller, April  N/A BIOL Determining the Significance of the N-MYC-WDR5 Interaction in Neuroblastoma NIH
  2021 Ridgley, Robyn N/A SPED TECTA FY21 TN Department of Human Services
  2021 West, Carroll Van N/A CHP National Register Multiple Property Documentation Form and Nominations for Historic Civil Rights Resources in Montgomery, Alabama NPS
  2021 Huang, Rongjin Kimmins, Dovie; Rushton, Gregory MATH Exploring Technology-Assisted Lesson Study (TALS): Will Math Teaching Practices and Community of Practice Develop over Time?
Will Math Teaching Practices and Community of Practice Develop over Time?
  2021 Taylor-Poleskey, Molly N/A HIST Food and Culture at the Court of the Great Elector The Board of the German University Foundation
  2021 Rushton, Gregory N/A TSEC Teaching Strand: Designing an Integrated Framework for Ongoing High School Teacher Professional Development in
BioSTEM/Biotechnology to Achieve Innovative and Inclusive Curricula
BioSTEM/Biotechnology to Achieve Innovative and Inclusive Curricula
  2021 Smith, Daniel N/A PERI The Ill-Gotten Gains of Some One-Percenters Institute for Humane Studies
  2021 Chong, Ngee N/A CHEM Akkermansia Muciniphila and Its Products for Sickle Cell Disease and Cancer Treatment Medicovestor Inc
  2021 Reid, Joshua Gardner, Grant TSEC Exploring the Influence of Biology Graduate Student Professional Identity and Networks on the Adoption and Implementation of Evidence- Based Instructional Practices NSF
  2021 Erskine, Michael Apigian, Charles INFS Collaborative Research: RET Site: Cyber Research Teaching Solutions for Middle Tennessee High School Teachers NSF
  2021 Farone, Mary DuBois, John BIOl Impact of Novel Disinfectants on Microorganisms and Plants Aseptic Health LLC
  2021 Altman, Elliot N/A BIOl FermCat: Converting Fermentative Products to Value Added Chemicals Using Carbon Catalysis Generated from Woody Biomass NSF
  2021 Gardner, Grant N/A BIOl Collaborative Research: STEM Graduate Students Teaching Professional Development: Synthesizing the Research Literature to Inform Research and Practice Priorities NSF
  2021 Devadoss, Christabel N/A GS People of Color in the Rural Rust Belt: Dynamics of Place beyond the White Working Class American Council of Learned Societies
  2021 Taylor-Poleskey, Molly N/A HIST Food and Culture at the Court of the Great Elector NEH
  2021 Hass, Alicia N/A GEOS Heat Perception and Risk: Incorporating Heat Behaviors into National Weather Service Heat Warning and Advisory Products in the Southeastern United States NOAA
  2021 Polk, Andrew R N/A HIST Introduction to American History, Politics, and Culture I and II Fulbright
  2021 Arik, Murat N/A BERC 2021 Wage and Benefit Survey: Middle Tennessee and Upper Cumberland Regions USDA
  2021 Reish, Gregory Nathan N/A CPM Examining US History, Culture, and Identity through Popular Music Fulbright-Hays
  2021 Chafin, Cynthia Renee N/A CHHS Mental Health First Aid Training-MTSU TN Office of Criminal Justice Programs
  2021 Wu, Yixiang N/A MATH Collaborative Research: Effect of Environmental Heterogeneity on Biological Population Persistence and Control Strategy NSF
  2021 Julian, Kristi D N/A HSC Proposal for Funding for Interior Design TN Board of Architectural and Engineering Examiners
  2021 Rosenmuller, Christoph  N/A HIST Global Law and Indigenous Justice in Colonial Mexico and Guatemala, 1650–1750 NEH
  2021  Nelson, Timothy N/A CHEM Detection of Ignitable Liquid Residues in Fire Debris by Using Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry (DART-MS) We Shall Overcome
  2021 James, Nancy N/A Child Care Lab Application for "Loss of Income COVID-19 Diaster/Emergency Response and Relief Grants"--second round of funding Childcare and Development Fund
  2021 Reish, Gregory Nathan  N/A  CPM  Subcontract for "Sounding Spirit Digital Library: Sacred Music from the Southern Diaspora, 1850-1925" National Endowment for the Humanities  
   2021 Kattih, Nour  N/A  ECON  To Drop or Not to Drop, that is the Question: Analysis of Insurance Coverage Deselection The Commonwealth Fund  
  2021  Chafin, Cynthia Renee  Stone, Kahler   CHHS  RCORP: Changing the Trajectory for Opioids in Wilson County Health Resources and Services Administration  
  2021  Jin, Ying  Mosley, Chaney Cui, Song  PSY  Deeper Learning Professional Development for High School Agricultural Teachers National Institute of Food and Agriculture  
  2021  Harden, Vickie   Stickle, Benjamin   SOWO  Grundy County Opioid Response Program Health Resources and Services Administration  
  2021  Arik, Murat  N/A  BERC  THDA Quarterly Housing Market Reports TN Housing Development Authority  
  2021  Stickle, Benjamin   N/A  CJA  Subaward from TBI for BJA-funded Project on Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) Task Force To Combat Human Trafficking U.S. Department of Justice  
  2021  Ku, Seockmo  N/A  ABAS  CAREER: Rapid Microbial Needle Detection in a Sample Haystack: Development of an 8-hour Protocol for Foodborne Pathogen Detection in Leafy Green Vegetables, Soil and Irrigation Water that Replaces Pre-enrichment with Surface Modified Nano/Micro Based Membrane Bioseparation. National Science Foundation  
  2021   Randol, Shannon  N/A  ECM  Submission for an Innovate Grant Innovate Grant  
  2021   Walck, Jeffrey   Herlihy, Christopher   BIOL  FY20 MTSU Pyne's Ground-plum US Fish and Wildlife Services  
  2021   Mohebbi, Mina  N/A  ETIS  CAREER: Toward Sustainable Industrial Symbiosis: Multi-Aspect Environmental Assessment of Solid Fuel Combustion Byprodu National Science Foundation  
  2021   Easson, Cole   N/A  BIOL  Collaborative Research: Exploring the link between macroinvertebrate diversity within sponges and the retention and recycling of nutrients on Caribbean coral reefs National Science Foundation  
  2021   Johnston, Tony   N/A  ABAS  A Grant through the Tennessee Wine and Grape Board to Support Establishment and Operation of a Wine Analysis Center.  Tennessee Wine and Grape Board  
  2021   Odegard, Timothy Neal  N/A  TCSTD  An Integrated Model to Improve Elementary Student Reading Outcomes US Department of Education  
  2021  Chafin, Cynthia  Johnston, Tony; O'Brien, Keely  CHHS  STEMsational Ag: The Virtual Farm US Department of Agriculture  
  2021  Weissmiller, April   N/A  BIOL  The MYC-SWI/SNF Connection in Rhabdoid Tumors National Institutes of Health  
  2021   Carter, Jessica  Wade, Matthew ABAS Coronavirus Relief Fund - CAFB Proposal for MTSU  TN Department of Agriculture  
  2021   Cui, Song  N/A  ABAS  Integrated Research and Education Experience on Organic Crop Production Practices for Undergraduates in Tennessee National Institute of Food and Agriculture  
  2021   Bundage, Raphael   N/A  GSFTA  Governor's School for the Arts 2021 TN Department of Education  
  2021   Rosenmuller, Christoph   N/A  HIST  Global Law and Indigenous Justice in Colonial Mexico and Guatemala, 1650–1750 National Endowment for the Humanities  
  2021 Julian, Kristi  N/A HSC Proposal for Funding for Interior Design TN Board of Architectural and Engineering Examiners
  2021   Wu, Yixiang  N/A  MATH  Collaborative Research: Effect of Environmental Heterogeneity on Biological Population Persistence and Control Strategy National Science Foundation