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2035 Strategic Plan

Pillar Committees

Academic Quality Pillar 

  • Jennifer Vannatta-Hall, Chair (School of Music) 
  • Racha El-Kadiri, Co-Chair (Geosciences)
  • Lando Carter (Educational Leadership; LT&ITC; Faculty Senate)
  • Christina Cobb (University Studies; True Blue Core)
  • Sally Ann Cruikshank (Journalism and Strategic Media)
  • Ugur Orak (Sociology and Anthropology)
  • Karen Davis (Health and Human Performance)
  • Amy Harris (College of Graduate Studies)
  • Ron Henderson (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Deb Zsigalov (Information Security)
  • Andy Womack (Alum; State Farm Insurance)
  • Retta Gardner (Alum; A Mortgage Boutique)  

 Student Success Pillar

  • Robyn Ridgley, Chair (College of Education)
  • Danielle Rochelle, Co-Chair (Intercultural and Diversity Affairs)
  • Jake Avila (Concrete and Construction Management; Faculty Senate)
  • Michelle Conceison (Recording Industry; Faculty Senate; Graduate Council)
  • Matthew Duncan (University Studies)
  • Andy Polk (History)
  • Jennifer Danylo (Basic and Applied Sciences)
  • Hilary Miller (Veterans and Military Family Center)
  • Kevin States (Disability and Access Center)
  • Diane Turnham (Athletics)
  • Albert Whittenberg (Academic and Instructional Technology)
  • Trey Duke (Alum; Murfreesboro City Schools)
  • Dearl Lampley (Columbia State Community College Williamson Campus)  

Engagement Pillar

  • Sam Zaza, Chair (Information Systems and Analytics)
  • Joe Whitefield, Co-Chair (Facilities Services)
  • Mei Han (School of Music; Center for Chinese Music and Culture)
  • Julie Myatt (English; MT Engage)
  • Todd O’Neill (Media Arts)
  • Andrew Owusu (Health and Human Performance)
  • Suzanne Sutherland (Faculty Senate President Elect)
  • Beka Moore (Career Development Center)
  • Emily Harper (Information Technology Division)
  • Bill Ketron (University Advancement)
  • Monica Smith (Community Engagement and Inclusion)
  • Carol Swayze (EXL Scholars Program)
  • Brad Tammen (Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Engagement)
  • Frances Cook (Alum; Journeys in Community Living)
  • Regina Ward (Alum; Murfreesboro Center for the Arts)  

Innovation Pillar

  • Lisa Green, Chair (Mathematical Sciences; Faculty Senate)
  • Trey Martindale, Co-Chair (MTSU Online)
  • Murat Arik (Business and Economic Research Center)
  • Chris Dye (School of Music)
  • Alexander Jackson (Psychology)
  • Richard Lewis (Media Arts)
  • Rick Chapman (Student Health Center)
  • Anne Maples-Vaught (Campus Planning)
  • Rachel McGinnis (Research and Sponsored Programs)
  • Chad Mullis (Infrastructure Services)
  • Markheia Swearengen (Financial Services)
  • Heather Brown (Concrete and Construction Management; Irving Materials)
  • Meagan Flippin (Alum; Center for Non-Profit Management)