Steps to Submit Proposals

  1. A proposal is initiated by a university office, program or department and must include:

      1. Cover Memo (with attached description and rationale as needed)  
      2. Impact Data Form (needed for all changes - if there is no impact on students, submit form with N/A note)  
      3. Catalog change form and text of all change(s) 
      4. Other supporting material and forms as needed
  1. Complete proposals are submitted electronically to the committee chair via the Vice President for Student Affairs and Vice Provost for Enrollment Services Office ( at least 14 days before the next proposed committee meeting.  Incomplete proposals will not be considered.
  2. Agenda and proposals are posted on Admissions and Standards website and sent to college Deans (for dissemination to chairs and program directors) no later than a week before the proposed committee meeting.
  3. If the committee approves the proposal, the forms, with the committee chair’s signature, are submitted to the Vice President for Student Affairs, who forwards them to the Provost and the President. 
  4. After all necessary approvals, appropriate catalog revisions are made.  Master catalog change form is completed by Department and submitted to the office of the Provost by affected college dean.