MTSU Early Arrival & Student Success Programs

Accelerated Mentoring Program (AMP)


This grant addresses the need for effective programs developed to eliminate the achievement gap.  Through components of peer mentoring, tutoring, student success coaching, family education, and financial assistance, underserved students are afforded a more level playing field to aid them toward obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

  • AMP focuses on enhancing student engagement, retention, and success of first- generation and minority populations.
  • Incoming freshmen and transfer students may apply to participate in the program by completing the AMP Pre-Entry before August 6th or until all spots are filled.
  • Students will be paired with a peer mentor within a few weeks of application.
  • Peer mentors will guide students through 3 Student Success Modules prior to school starting. Peer mentors will have bi-weekly check-ins with students throughout the semester.
  • One component of AMP is financial support through microgrants that participants may apply for up two times during a semester.
  • Student Success Checks (early alerts) will be requested of instructors for students in AMP.
  • AMP participants are required to have a one-on-one meeting with a Student Success Coach in the Fall and Spring semester.
  • AMP will provide a family education program to assist 1st generation families and minority families.


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MTSU Early Arrival Programs (EAP) are designed to serve all students, with emphasis on the needs of first generation, underrepresented and/or underprepared students, by providing them with an introduction to college in a supportive learning environment. Learn more about our EAPs, Scholars Academy and S.T.A.R., by clicking the links below.

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To learn more about the one week early arrival program that supports students as they tranistion from high school to college, click links below:

Student Success Online Resource Centers

These online student success resource centers provide information related to study skills, time management techniques, MTSU resources, and tips to help students be successful throughout their collegiate career.  You may also use the centers to find how to schedule advising appointments, find tutoring and supplemental instruction sessions, and answer frequently asked questions.



For more information on MTSU Early Arrival Programs contact Brelinda Johnson or Travis Strattion at


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