How MTSU Students Can Get Help for Substance Abuse

Addiction is more common among college students than many people realize, and research shows that this group of young people are at a greater risk for falling victim to abusive and addictive behaviors. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, 22.9% of college students meet the medical definition of drug addiction, compared to 8.5% of the general population.39 And sadly, most students don’t seek the help they need. For example, young people are more likely to turn to friends and family for support, rather than treatment professionals. This may be in part due to perceived stigma and embarrassment of seeking help for mental health-related issues such as addiction.40

Reach Out to Campus Staff or the Counseling Center

MTSU is committed to offering resources to help you find treatment and support. Students struggling with substance use can reach out to campus staff or visit Counseling Services, located in Keathley University Center, room 326-S