Book Reviews

"Walking to Listen"

  • The ideal antidote for even the strongest bout of national doubt … [with] frequent descriptive gems. – Washington Post
  • More than a story of the physical trails and tribulations of walking across the country (although there’s plenty of that too!), this is a deeply felt account of the trails and tribulations of growing up … the ‘how do I fir into this world?’ kind of exploration. Enjoy a journey across our country philosophies from people he meets along the way. – Boston Globe
  • A remarkable book that calls to mind William Least-Heat Moon’s Blue Highways. – Starred Review, Library Journal
  • Soulful … [Forsthoefel’s] openness provides a window into the extraordinary lessons to be learned from ordinary people. This is a memorable and heartfelt exploration of what it takes to hike 4,000 miles across the country and how one young man learned to walk without fear into his future. – Booklist
  • In this moving and deeply introspective memoir, Forsthoefel writes about the uncertainties, melodramas, ambiguities, and loneliness of youth … Forsthoefel’s walk becomes a meditation on vulnerability, trust, and the tragedy of suburban and rural alienation … [his] conversation with America is fascinating, terrifying, mundane, and at times heartbreaking, but ultimately transformative and wise. – Publishers Weekly
  • Forsthoefel offers moments of genuine kinship and transcendence … An intriguing portrait of America. – Kirkus Reviews