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About the MTSU Dance Theatre

The MTSU Dance Theatre provides students with exciting opportunities to garner professionally-oriented performance experiences, while still in college. Any MTSU student can audition at the beginning, and the end of the fall semester (for fall and spring companies). The MTSU Dance Theatre aims to enrich our campus and local community’s appreciation of concert dance by providing high-quality performances of ballet, jazz, tap, West African and contemporary dance. Members of the company perform each semester on campus, and annually at the American College Dance Association. Student members have performed in China, New York, Chicago, Ohio, Iowa, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Arizona, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Mississippi; and in the Middle Tennessee region, our students have been featured in venues that include the Tennessee Governor's School for the Arts, South Jackson Civic Center, Tennessee Association of Dance, Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts and the Vanderbilt Dance Program.


MTSU Dance Program Faculty and Staff


Director of dance, Assistant Professor.....Marsha Barksy
Assistant Professor.....Margaret Brooker
Full Time Lecturer..... Michelle Parkins
Adjunct Instructor.....Kelvin Amburgey
Adjunct Instructor..... Ada Hatcher
Adjunct Instructor.....Kim Holt
Adjunct Intructor.....Kevin Loveland
Adjunct Instructor.....Jennifer McNamara
Adjunct Instructor.....Erin Rehberg


About our Guest Artist:

Alia Kache received her early dance training at Center for Creative Arts and Chattanooga Ballet. A graduate of the Ailey/Fordham B.F.A. program in 2004, she subsequently joined Ailey II and also performed with Nathan Trice/RITUALS, Creative Outlet, Genesis Dance Company, CeDeCe (Alcobaça, Portugal), and Opera Company Philadelphia.

Alia has appeared in Laurie Simon’s Music of Regret – Act III, Radio City Christmas Spectacular 75th Anniversary DVD, and Cordoniu Navidad 2007 (Barcelona, Spain). She was a featured dancer in Big League Theatricals’ Aida, and performed with Disney’s The Lion King (Gazelle Tour). Co-founder of Renegade Performance Group, Alia has choreographed for contestants of the Miss Tennessee and Miss Georgia pageants (Miss America Organization), Broadway Cares, The Helping Hands Campaign, Cistermúsica (Alcobaça, Portugal), Associação de Dança de Leiria (Leiria, Portugal), and students of The Ailey School. Her work has also been seen at The Tank, Check Us Out Festival, Equilibrium Choreographers Showcase, DUMBO White Wave Festival, Dance Gallery Festival, Harlem Arts Festival, Bryant Park Presents Modern Dance, and FringeNYC. She was most recently rehearsal director for Ailey II, under the artistic direction of Troy Powell where she assisted in choreographing “Against Their Will” for MTVu, and an industrial for Mercedes at the New York International Auto Show.

Concert Order



Carmen and Maria

Choreographer: Chell Parkins (Faculty)

Music: Bloodstream (Henrik Scwartz dub) by Stateless

Lighting Design: Erin Moore

Dancers: Maryn ClenDening, Kadie Cooper, Quinn Cunningham, Erin Featherston, Caroline Gunter, Jaimie Flores, Megan Manning, Bria Presley, Syndey Roberts, Paiten Wolfe


Thel (2007)

Choreographer: Meg Brooker (Faculty)

Music: Harmonies du Soir, Transcendental Etude No. 11 in D Flat

Composer: Franz Lizst

Lighting Design: Erin Moore

Dancers (Wed/Fri): Kadie Cooper, Jessicka Tucker, Lauren Zachary

Dancers (Thurs/Sat): Maggy Lynn Landers, Koura Wright, Lauren


Thel is inspired by the William Blake allegorical poem "The Book of Thel," which depicts a classic failure to actualize desire through direct experience. This choreography utilizes Isadora Duncan's early modern dance technique to explore the contrasting impulses of desire and self-denial. The three figures in the dance ultimately arrive at different conclusions: immersion, hesitation, and satisfaction.


the heaven of a single mind

Choreographer: Jennifer McNamara (Faculty)

Music: The Corpus Christi Carol (Benjamin Britten, sung by Jeff Buckley); Polorum Regina (Carles Viarnès and Pep Messana); By the Roes, and by the Hinds of the Fields (Jóhann Jóhannsson)

Lighting Designer: Nick Watters

Dancers: Gillian Anderson, Rowan Balcom, Caroline Gunter, Maggy Lynn Landers, Bria Presley, Vong Phrommala, Sarah Robertson, Koura Wright


Far away, dark before the shining exit-gates, someone or other stood, whose features were unrecognizable. He stood and saw how, on the strip of road among the meadows, with a mournful look, the god of messages silently turned to follow the small figure already walking back along the path, her steps constricted by the trailing graveclothes, uncertain, gentle, and without impatience.


From Orpheus. Eurydice. Hermes. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

The Suppliants

Choreographer: Marsha Barsky (Faculty) with dancers

Music: Bora Yoon (edited)

Lighting Design: John Canady

Dancers: Mary ClenDening, Quinn Cunningham, Alleyah Garcia, Jaimie Flores, Rachel Miller, Koura Wright, Lauren Zachary


The Suppliants is influenced by Aeschylus' theatre play Iketides (Suppliant Women), which is the first literary text in history that poises the problem of a persecuted group of people seeking asylum.



All That You Touch

Choreographer: Kelvin Amburgey (Faculty)

Music: Fragile by Akira Rosemura

Lighting Design: John Canaday

Dancers (Wed/Sat): Anna Morgan, Megan Robinson

Dancers (Thurs/Fri): Kelsey Hunt, Paiten Wolfe


All that you touch

You Change

All That you Change

Changes you

The only lasting truth is Change

God is Change

-Octavia E. Butler



Choreographer: Alia Kache (Guest Artist)

Music: Steve Reich

Lighting Designer: Darren Levin

Dancers: Rowan Balcom, Maryn ClenDening, Kadie Cooper, Jaimie Flores, Kelsey Hunt, Rachel Miller, Anna Morgan, Koura Wright, Lauren Zachary

Understudies: Caroline Gunter, Makayla


Mettle (noun), a person's ability to cope well with difficulties, or to face a demanding situation in a resilient way.


MTSU Dance Theatre Company Members


Company Member........Major/Minor

Gilliam Anderson........Liberal Arts/ Music
Rowan Balcom........Dance
Maryn ClenDening........Dance
Kadie Cooper........Dance
Quinn Cunningham........Aerospace
Erin Featherston........Theatre
Jaimie Flores........Dance/ Psychology
Alleyah Garcia........Dance
Caroline Gunter........Dance
Rebekah Huber........Dance
Kelsey Hunt........New Media Communication/ Dance
Maggy Lynn Landers........Dance/ Business
Megan Manning........Dance/ History Military Service
Rachel Miller........Dance/ Entrepreneurship
Anna Morgan........Dance
Bria Presley........Dance/ Organizational Communications
Sydney Roberts........Criminal Justice Forensics/ Anthropology
Sarah Robertson........Dance
Megan Robinson........Dance/ Theatre
Jessicka Tucker........Business Administration/ Leadership Studies
Paiten Wolfe........Dance
Koura Wright........Dance
Lauren Zachary........Dance



Artistic Director........Marsha Barksy
Stage Manager........Shelby Latham, Christian Potts
Production Manager........Justin Reed
Technical Director........Nick Ryan
Scenic Shop Manager........Jay Mullens
Lighting Design Faculty........Darren Levin
Stage Management Faculty Advisor........Kate Goodwin
Costume Studio Coordinator........Trish Clark
Costume Studio Manager........Amy Hip
Costume Studio Staff........Audrey Reed, Nora Fischer
Wardrobe Crew........Students of THEA 3200
Master Electrician........Brian Elliot
Light Board Op........Melvin Howard
Deck Electricians........Xavier Randolph, Christian Hall, Daxton Patrick
Kyle Shortman, Nibizi Kennedy
Box Office/House Manager........Benjamin Spurlock
Marketing Coordinator.........Megan Castleberry


MTSU Dance Theatre Student Society

Student Society Board President: Rachel Miller
Board Members: Gillian Anderson, Quinn Cunningham, Kelsey Hunt, Megan Robinson


The MTSU Dance Theatre would like to acknowledge the generous support of the MTSU College of Liberal Arts, the MTSU Student Organization Office, the faculty and staff of the Department of Theatre and Dance, Jeff Gibson, Justin Durham, Catherine Neal, Darren Levin, and the entire production crew. Finally, a special thank you to the dancers of the MTSU Dance Theatre for their tireless dedication and devotion.


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