Title: Leaving Home (excerpt)
Choreographer: Marsha Barsky
Composers: Don Aliquo Enemy (Antagonist) and Jamey Simmons (Internal Struggle)
Lighting Designer: Sydney Smith
Musicians: Kyle Morgan (saxophone, woodwind), Jakub Martin (saxophone), PJ Scott (saxophone), Dominique Caster (trumpet), Jamey Simmons (trumpet), Jed Smith (drums), Marcus Wanner (guitar), Tyler Enslow (bass)
Dancers: Gillian Anderson, Caroline Gunter, Tarrisha Hicks, Kelsey Hunt, Rachel Miller, Madison Powell, Jessie Reeder, Ginny Whaley
Title: Within Me
Choreographer: Amber Jordan
Music: "The Drum" by D. German, "Back Together" by Jill Scott
Lighting Designer: Elliot Drew Martin
Dancers: Claudeidra Taylor, Gillian Anderson, Jessie Reeder, Ladarius Mitchell, Bria Presley, Courtney Richmond, Liliane Remold, Kaitlynn Newcomb 

Note: Losing someone can be hard, but we can get through it by coming together and leaning on each other for support.

Title: We, the Papalagui
Choreographer: Winship Boyd
Theatrical Assistance: Saul Rodriguez
Texts: Extracts from 'The Papalagui' by Erich Scherumann, Extracts from Chief Seattle's 1854 Oration
Music: Verses by Olafur Arnolds, La halte by Armand Amar
Lighting Designer: Ron Collins
Dancers:  Quinn Cunningham, Caroline Gunter, Joshua Jackson, Guerdie Jeannoel, Elvis Karegeya, Kaitlin Newcomb, Courtney Richmond,
Chance Rule, Casey Selby, 
Note: This piece is dedicated to the Standing Rock Water Protectors


Title: Alice in Appalachia
Choreographer: Jennifer McNamara
Lighting Designer: Elliot Drew Martin 

The Golden Afternoon
Music: "words unspoken" by Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers
Dancers: Chance Rule (Lewis Carroll), Kelsey Nowlin (Alice), Amber Jordan and Claudeidra Taylor (Sisters) 

I'm Late
Music: "wally on the run" by Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers
Dancers: Ginny Whaley (The White Rabbit)

The Mad Hatter's Front Porch Tea Party
Music: "lonesome fiddle blues" by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Dancers: Symone Sheffield (The Mad Hatter), Rachelle Bennett (The March Hare), Emily Hardin (The Dormouse)

Barn Dance: The Lobster Quadrille
Music: "chicken reel" by the Kentucky Colonels
Dancers: Amber Jordan and Claudeidra Taylor (Lobsters)

Alice's Evidence
Music: "rare bird alert" by Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers
Dancers: Tarrisha Hicks (The Queen of Hearts)

Music: "short trip home" by Joshua Bell, Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Sam Bush, and Mike Marshall
Dancers: Full Cast 




Title: Suite from Orfeo ed Eurydice: "Cheribum" (1908), "Dance of the Furies" (1911) and "Dance of the Blessed Spirits" (1903)
Choreographer: Isadora Duncan
Staging: Meg Brooker
Music: Christoph Willibald Gluck
Lighting Designer: Erin Moore (Cheribum),  Darren E. Levin (Furies/Blessed Spirits)
Dancers: (Cheribum) Bria Presley, Megan Robinson, Jessicka Tucker
(Furies, Blessed Spirits) Rachelle Bennett, Jordan Davis, Amber Jordan, Rachel Miller, Anna Morgan, Kaitlynn Newcomb, Kelsey Nowlin, Amanda Pratt, Sarah Robertson, Caroline Scott
 Note: The dances in this suite have been passed down through a direct lineage of Isadora Duncan dancers, including third-generation master teachers Lori Belilove and Barbara Kane, to Meg Brooker, who created the stagings on this program
Title: If the Trees Could Talk
Choreographer: Chell Parkins
Music: "Snowflake" by Kate Bush
Lighting Designer: John Canaday
Dancers: Gillian Anderson, Rowan Balcom, Maryn ClenDening, Quinn Cunningham, Sydney Roberts, Symone Sheffield​ 
 Title: Fawning

Choreographer: Banning Bouldin* (Guest Artist)
Music:  "Mad Rush" by Philip Glass, performed by Bruce Brubaker
Lighting Designer: Ron Collins
Dancers:  Rachelle Bannett, Maryn ClenDening, Quinn Cunningham, Jordan Davis, Jamie Flores, Rachel Miller, Madison Powell, Bria Presley

*Banning Bouldin’s residency was made possible with by the generous support of the MTSU Distinguished Lecture Funds committee and by the MTSU Access and Diversity Grant.


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