Taste of Sunrise


Artistic Staff...

Director........Jette Halladay
Assistant Director........Donovan Hughes*
Scenic Designer........Scott Boyd+
Assistant Scenic Designer.......Megan Inmon*
Lighting Designer........Darren Levin+
Assistant Lighting Designers........Matthew Phillips*, Shawn Goyer
Costume Designer........Audrey Reed
Sound Designer........Elijah Whitney
Musical Compositions........Laura Pickard, Mileah Milstead



Tuc........Roberto Ramierez*
Mother/Tuc Voice........Sheridan Hitchcox
Jonas........Landon Reid*
Jonas Sign........Conner McCabe*
Nell........Mileah Milstead
Nell Sign........Laura Pickard
Emma........Mallory Gonyea
Emma Sign........Cindy Fox*
Maizie........Brianna Smart*
Maizie Sign/Voice........Parker Chase*
Dr. Graham........Faithlyn Jones
Dr. Graham Sign........Megan Inmon*
Roscoe........Aaron Gaines
Roscoe Voice/Sign........Cody Hartman*
Clovis........Chad Lynch
Izzy/Nurse........Catherine Burford*
Patron/ Audiologist/ Hunter........Chris Anderson
Patron/ Audiologist/ Hunter........Matthew Phillips*
Dr. Mann........Kyle Street
Deaf Students........Amanda Taylor, Keaton Varden
  Lindsey Ross, Nick Bilayarn, Haley Dorris


Production Staff...

Stage Manager........Virginia Tipps
Assistant Stage Managers........Benjamin Spurlock*, Nikki Bahmanziari
Production Manager.......Justin Reed
Technical Director........Nick Ryan
Associate Technical Director........Alex Riggs*
Assistant Technical Director........Matthew Phillips*
Shop Foreman........Cody Williams
Special Carpenter in Charge........Jay Mullens*
Scenic Studio Staff........Alex Riggs*, Jay Mullens*, Matthew Phillips*
Parker Chase*, Shelby Latham
Scenic Charge........Megan Inmon*
Stage Management Faculty Advisor........Kate Goodwin
Costume Coordinator........Trish Clark
Costume Studio Manager........Amy Hipp
Costume Studio Staff........Audrey Reed, Christie Craig
Wardrobe Crew Head........Jeanna Patillo
Wardrobe Crew........Students of THEA 3200
Properties Master........Parker Chase*
Master Electrician........Brian Elliott
Lighting Crew........Students of THEA 3400
Closed Captioning Operator........
Light Board Op........Sofia Mejia Gomez
Light Board Programmer........Shalon Mooney, Zachary Leonard
Follow Spot Op........Austin Forsberg, Charles Shrodes
Sound Engineer........Elijah Whitney
Box Office........Ben Spurlock*
House Manager........Mark Marchan*
Marketing Coordinator........Megan Castleberry*


Special Thanks...


To the interpreters who helped the cast throughout rehearsals.


Lead Interpreter........ Angela Scruggs

Interpreters........AuQueche Collier-Rogers, Amanda Ibezim, Bethany Dillon, Jenny McCall,
Jenny Partain, Casey Johnston, Donna Vari


Student Bios... 


 Aaron Gaines (Roscoe) is excited for his first show at MTSU. He is honored to be working with such a talented group of people! He is a transfer Junior from Motlow State Community College. He has previously been seen at Tullahoma’s South Jackson Civic Center, where he played Brad Majors in The Rocky Horror Show. Aaron would like to thank his family, friends, and everyone in his great, big Theatre family for their continuous love support. Nanu Nanu!


Alex Riggs (Associate Technical Director) is thrilled to work on The Taste of Sunrise. She has learned so much from the process and is excited to continue building her skills as a Technical director. She would like to thank Nick, Jay, and her family for their support.


Amanda Taylor (Deaf Student) is a senior Theatre major here at MTSU who is graduating in December. This is her first time performing in a MTSU production. She has been involved in prior productions at MTSU as the assistant makeup designer for Peter Pan and the costume designer for the APO production of Life Under the Big Top. She hopes that you enjoy the show! 


Audrey Reed (Costume Designer)


Ben Spurlock (Assistant Stage Manager)


Brianna Smart (Maizie) is in her third year as a theatre major here at MTSU. Recent credits include: How I Learned to Drive (Teen Greek Chorus), Kafka’s Metamorphosis (Grete), and Dog Sees God (CB’s Sister). She has had a tremendous time working and learning with all of her new friends and she hopes you enjoy the show!


Catherine Burford (Izzy/Nurse) is a senior who's thrilled to star in her first (and final) production on Tucker Stage! You may know her from her past tech work at Tucker and her ensemble performances in Ragtime and Catch Me If You Can at the Center For The Arts. She would like to thank her directors for this opportunity and her family and friends for their support. Oh, and she's single. Wink wink.


Chad Lynch (Clovis) is a Junior transfer student from Motlow State Community College.  He is a Theatre major with a Teacher licensure minor. Some of his previous credits as an actor would include Once Upon a Mattress (Dauntless) and Much Ado About Nothing (Leonato). He would like to thank Jette, all of his previous theatre directors, and everyone who has worked on this show for helping him obtain a better understanding of the art of theatre.


Chris Anderson (Patron/Audiologist/Hunter) is excited for his second show in Tucker Theatre. He was previously seen in A Midsummer Night's Dream last fall. He really enjoy doing improv and short monologues. Enjoy the show!


Cindy Fox (Emma Sign) has just graduated from MTSU with her degree in Theatre. She is so excited to end her time at MTSU with one last show on the mainstage. Working on this beautiful story has been a wonderful and challenging experience that she cannot wait to share with audiences!



Cody Hartman (Roscoe Sign) is super excited to be in Taste of Sunrise and would like to thank his family and Jette Halladay. Landon once said “I’m super afraid of  Cody” and he said "Do you like Sony DVD player with VHS combination?" He would also like Landon to know that he could beat him at anything. Enjoy the show!


Conner McCabe (Jonas Sign) is a junior theatre major. Next up at MTSU, he is directing 30 Plays from Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind on March 16th at 2pm and Raised in Captivity which runs from April 12th-14th! Thanks for supporting theatre! Learn more about Conner at ConnerMcCabe.com!


Donovan Hughes (Assistant Director)


Elijah Whitney (Sound Designer)


Faithlyn Jones (Dr. Graham) is a transfer Junior and extremely excited to be in her first MTSU Theatre production. She has performed in many musicals such as Hairsrpay, Mary Poppins, Aladdin, and Princess and the Frog.  She sends out many thanks and love to those who support her.



Haley Dorris (Deaf Student) is a senior at MTSU.  The Taste of Sunrise is her second play here, while the production of A Streetcar Named Desire was her first appearance on Tucker Theatre. She has really enjoyed her experience at MTSU and she has enjoyed being a part of this play.


Keaton Varden (Deaf Student) is a freshman here at MTSU. He is very thankful for the amazing company of this show as it is his first production at MTSU. He would like to thank his friends and family for the unlimited love and support. Keaton hopes that you enjoy the show, as the cast and crew have worked diligently to create this wonderful piece!


Kyle Street (Dr. Mann) is a freshman at MTSU, and is majoring in Theatre, with a performing focus. This is Kyle's first role with the university, and he is very excited to be working with such a talented cast and a friendly crew!


Landon Reid (Jonas) would like to thank his family for their endless support. He would also like for everyone to know that Ben Spurlock is a nerd. 


Laura Pickard (Nell Sign) is a second semester Sophomore here at MTSU. This is her second performance for MTSU and first performance in Tucker Theatre. She's incredibly grateful for the opportunities this show has presented her like co-composing as well as expanding her abilities in ASL. She would like to thank Jette and Donovan for casting her and the rest of the cast for being the best part of her day. 


Lindsey Ross (Deaf Student) is a transfer Junior. This is her second semester at MTSU and her first production in the department. The last show she took part in was Doctor Faustus with Nashville's Spaghetti Theatre where she played seven different characters under the title Chorus#1. She is excited to be a part of Taste of Sunrise and can't wait for what lies in store ahead as a theatre major at MTSU.


Mallory Gonyea (Emma) is a junior transfer with an acting/directing focus. She was last seen in A Midsummer's Night Dream as Mustard Seed. She is so excited to be working on this show with such an incredible cast and crew and would like to thank everyone for coming out and seeing this amazing show!


Matthew Phillips (Assistant Lighting Designer/Patron/Audiologist/Hunter)


Megan Inmon (Dr. Graham Sign/Scenic Charge/Assistant Scenic Designer) is a senior theatre major here at MTSU. She is excited to be working in front of the curtain this time around. She is excited to get this opportunity to learn about the deaf community and to learn something completely new! She would like to thank the directors, Laura Pickard, Jennifer Mccall, and Angela Scruggs for helping her through the sign language! 


Mileah Milstead (Nell, Composer, Music Director) is a junior theatre major/music minor at MTSU. Taste of Sunrise is her debut on the Tucker Theatre stage! She feels very fortunate to have been a music director and composer along with her babayaga, Laura, for a show with such beauty and richness. You may have seen her in Hand to God as Margery (MTSU). Her next project coming up is music directing The Miracle Worker at Murfreesboro Center for the Arts (auditions are March 4th and 5th at 6:30!) She would like to endlessly thank Jette Halladay for taking a chance on her and giving her such a wonderful and fulfilling opportunity, Laura for taking her ideas and giving them shape and beauty, and every member of the deaf community who is here tonight. SOUND BEYOND SOUND!


Nicholas Bilavarn (Deaf Student) is excited to be apart of his first play, the "homies" told him they wanted to see him on a stage and so he made it happen!


Nikki Bahmanziari (Assistant Stage Manager)


Parker Chase (Maizie Sign) is a junior at MTSU. This is her third main stage show as you may have seen her in Peter Pan (Peter Pan) and A MidSummer Night’s Dream (Puck). She is honored to work on this show with such a welcoming and beautiful community and director. 


Robbie Ramirez (Tuc) would like to thank Megan Castleberry for always having his back, writing his bios for him, and only sometimes yelling at him for not answering emails. He hopes you enjoy the show!


Shawn Goyer (Assistant Lighting Designer) is a senior at MTSU. He will be graduating with a degree in Audio Engineering with a minor in Lighting Design. Being one of the assistant lighting designers for the show is an incredible honor and he hopes that you all enjoy the production of Taste of Sunrise.  


Sheridan Hitchcox (Mother/Tuc Voice) is a transfer student majoring in Theatre and minoring in Women’s Studies. One of her favorite roles include Nora in Brighton Beach Memoirs here at MTSU. She is excited to share The Taste of Sunrise with you all.


Virginia Tipps (Stage Manager) is a junior at MTSU and in her second year pursuing a theatre degree! After spending a year at Rhodes College as a music major, she is beyond excited to have returned to her hometown of Murfreesboro to study what she loves most. This is her second mainstage production here at MTSU and she is excited to continue working with the incredible staff and students throughout her time here.


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