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Your academic advisor is your greatest asset when it comes to charting the path to your academic success. Every student needs to develop a good relationship with their advisor and benefit from their expertise and experience. Students who have not yet established academic goals will be able to benefit greatly by tapping into this free and valuable resource. The University College Advising Center works with students who have not yet declared a major and need some additional assistance.

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Your advisor will help you focus on class selection, but can also help you with much more. He/she can offer strategies to help you succeed in your classes, assist you with issues in your academic and personal life, and suggest options to help you meet your goals. In short, your advisor can facilitate your entire experience at MTSU.

Undecided Students
Kirksey Old Main Room 102
M-F 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

The advisors listed below advise all students who are listed as undecided.

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A - K

Tamika Mitchell


L - Z

Megan Williams


General Inquiries for Undecided Majors


If you have declared a major, please contact your college for advising assistance.

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