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At the end of the three-year contract period, course developers may request that their courses be redesigned by completing and submitting to the TBR/TN e-Campus Course Redevelopment Form.  The amount of work to be completed determines the amount of the redesign fee paid to the course developer.  The approval of the proposals and delivery of the courses are the main differences between the original development and the redesign processes.  



Faculty Course Developer

  • Complete/submit the TBR/TN e-Campus Course Redevelopment Form.
  • Notify the Distance Education Faculty Services Office when the course is approved for redesign.
  • Review, sign, and return the contract to Distance Education Faculty Services.
  • Complete course redevelopment per requirements of the Course Developer Program (CDP) and submit for review/approval.
  • Notify Distance Education Faculty Services when the course is approved for delivery.
  • Update the course prior to the beginning of each semester, by TN e-Campus deadlines, to prepare for course cloning
  • Continually make course improvements by collaborating with sectional instructors and considering student suggestions.
  • Search for relevant content and resources to enhance the course and enrich student learning experiences.
  • Recruit and prepare colleagues and/or adjunct faculty for course instruction, especially when enrollment increases create additional course sections.
  • Teach course per TN e-Campus instructional standards discussed during training

Department Chair/School Director

    • Approve course proposal form
    • Approve TBR contract when course is approved for redevelopment.
    • Plan to staff at least the first six course sections, if necessary.  (If a developing institution cannot staff a course, it is offered to qualified instructors at all other four-year TBR universities.)  

Distance Education Faculty Services

    • Send faculty member TBR contract when course has been approved for redevelopment.
    • Retain original contract on file in D. E. Faculty Services office.
    • Provide course developer with ROCC training information.
    • Reimburse course developer for travel to ROCC development training.
    • Complete and submit pay document to pay course redesign fee as determined by the ROCC
    • Assist the department in scheduling ROCC courses.
    • Monitor enrollments during registration and assist departments in staffing additional sections.
    • Financially support offering of each ROCC course/section at the faculty extra-comp or adjunct rate of pay.
    • Monitor and ensure that all ROCC instructors have entered final grades by semester deadlines.
    • Serve as a liaison between the MTSU academic departments and the ROCC.

Getting Started


Course Proposal Process

Faculty who wish to propose redevelopment of an existing ROCC course should:

  • Complete and submit the TBR/TN eCampus Course Redevelopment Form
  • Email a copy of the proposal form to the Distance Education Faculty Services Office.
  • Complete required Course Developer Program (CDP).
  • Forward approval email to Distance Education Faculty Services.
  • Teach the course in the target semester of delivery.

Course Completion Deadlines

Two semesters, minimum, should be allotted for course approval, redevelopment, review/approval, and scheduling.  Please review the course completion deadlines below in order to plan TN e-Campus online course redevelopment.

    • November 1 - Spring Semester
    • March 1 - Summer Semester
    • July 1 - Fall Semester

Course Proposal Review/Approval

    • Each redevelopment proposal is reviewed by TN e-Campus’s Instructional Design and Training Director.
    • When the course is approved for redesign, a fee is determined, and the course developer is notified;
    • Course developer should forward the approval email to Distance Education Faculty Services to be placed on file.

Course Redevelopment Agreement

    • After a course is accepted for redevelopment, the course designer is forwarded a contract by Distance Education Faculty Services
    • Course developer signs the contract which outlines development and instruction expectations as well as the terms for compensation.
    • When the contract has been signed by all parties, the original is kept on file in the Distance Education Faculty Services Office.
    • A copy of the approved document is provided to the course developer upon request by contacting Distance Education Faculty Services at 615/904-8276.
    • The approved contract must be on file in Distance Education Faculty Services prior to completion of course development in order to receive compensation.

TN e-Campus

    • Provide faculty course developers with redevelopment and instructional resources (development template, development standards, development/redesign fees, technical support, mentors)
    • Provide review/approval process for course delivery
    • Clone courses to be offered each semester
    • Provide development and instructional training for every course developer and instructor

Course Redevelopment

TN e-Campus courses being redeveloped must be redesigned per the requirements of the Course Developer Manual.

Desire2Learn (D2L) Course Development Training/Course Shell and Access

    • Before course development begins, all faculty developing or redesigning online courses for the TN e-Campus are required to complete the Course Developer Program (CDP)
    • Course developer training covers TN e-Campus Orientation, Standards and Desire2Learn (D2L) Tools.
    • A D2L course development shell is provided by the TN e-Campus during required training.
    • TN e-Campus online courses are maintained on the TBR D2L server and are accessed through the TN e-Campus website ( (not through MTSU elearn or PipelineMT).

TN e-Campus Course Approval

When development and redesigns are complete, the courses are reviewed by TN e-Campus Instructional Designers.  Course developers receive approval emails or emails requesting revisions.  When course developers receive the approval emails, they should forward them to Distance Education Faculty Services in order to receive compensation for their work.

TN e-Campus Course Redevelopment Fees

Following the final course review/approval process, the course developer should forward the course delivery approval email from the TN e-Campus to Distance Education Faculty Services.  A pay document is then prepared to compensate the course developer according to the amount noted in the redevelopment contract.  Fees are paid usually within eight (8) weeks of course approval notification.

Please see TN eCampus Course Development site  for information on scheduling and instruction of TN e-Campus online courses.

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