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Program Sponsorship
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Course Review/Approval Process

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The Online Faculty Mentor (OFM) Program was created in 2005 to serve as a continuous online course development quality improvement process for the university. The program combines mentoring and peer review processes for initial online course development and subsequent course redesign. Department chairs are responsible for content review and delivery approval of the courses developed by the faculty within their departments.


Only full-time, MTSU faculty who develop online courses and who have completed the required training are eligible to serve as OFMs. 

Program Sponsorship

MTSU Online Faculty Services funds MTSU faculty participation in the required training, as budgets permit. Interested full-time professors may contact the office via email or phone ( or 615-904-8276) for information.

In support of the OFM program (budgets permitting) MTSU Online provides funding for:

  • Online instruction certification
  • OFM attendance at faculty development workshops/seminars/conferences related to online instruction
  • OFM mentoring and peer review compensation ($150 per course assignment) paid annually

OFM Peer Training

All new OFMs are mentored by an experienced OFM who serves as a trainer prior to the first peer reviews and as a resource during the first peer reviews conducted by the new OFM. The mentor/trainer reviews the OFM Guidelines and Handbook with the new OFM which includes the following:

  • Peer Review/Evaluation Form;
  • How and when course assignments are made;
  • The role of the OFM Program;
  • Mentoring process;
  • Course designer self-evaluation;
  • Department Chair approval;
  • OFM compensation.

Course Review/Approval Process

Please refer to the Course Approval section for MTSU Online and Hybrid Courses for additional information.

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