Custom Degree Programs for Businesses and Organizations

Most organizations face two issues

  1. providing a mechanism to allow their existing employees the opportunity to gain the formal education to move ahead in their careers which benefits the organization with their expertise and experience
  2. having an adequate pool of entry level employees who already have much of the training and experience that they need to succeed in their careers.

MTSU has developed a unique process to help you rectify this situation.

We understand that your company's needs are unique.   Your staff, through their hard work and your support, gain certifications and specialized training to fit your distintictive requirements.  Your employees are busy doing their jobs and often don't have the time to go sit in a classroom to further their formal education which enables them to advance their careers.   In other words - by focusing on getting their job done they often give up the ability to move forward.  In the past, the formal education processes often failed to recognize this problem.

The Process

  1. Our professionals meet with you to understand the needs and issues that you face and discuss your goals.
  2. We evaluate your existing training and certifications and design a program that helps you maximize its benefits.
  3. If desired, we work to develop specialized degree programs to develop a better qualifed entry level workforce.
  4. We work with each of your employees to determine what their individual requirements would be to reach their goals.

We would be glad to meet with you to discuss how this process has worked for others and how it can work for you.

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Dr. Peggy Carpenter, Assistant Dean

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