Areas of Emphasis in Partnership with Health and Human Performance

If you are interested in a future career in the area of Health and Human Performance, this emphasis area will provide you with the opportunity to explore a broad spectrum of courses. Choose courses from Athletic Training; Health; Exercise Science; Leisure, Sport, and Tourism; and Physical Education. Students completing 12 or more hours in LSTS or ATHC, or minoring in Recreation are given the option of completing an internship experience which provides them with the opportunity for real-world experience and professional networking. If this field of study interests you, discuss your course selection with your advisor and also consider a minor in Athletic Coaching and Officiating, Health and Human Performance or Recreation.

Health and Human Performance

ATHC 2710/2720 - Coaching and Officiating
ATHC 3600 Coaching and Officiating Football
ATHC 3610 Coaching and Officiating Basketball
ATHC 3620 Coaching and Officiating Golf
ATHC 3650 Coaching and Officiating Tennis
ATHC 3660 Coaching and Officiating Volleyball
ATHC 3670 Coaching and Umpiring Baseball
ATHC 3910 - Athletic Coaching and Officiating
ATHC 4180 -Coaching Speed & Strength Conditioning for Sports
ATHC 4690 - Psychology of Coaching and Officiating
ATHC 4800 - Administration of High School & College Athletics
ATHC 4640 Intermediate Coaching and Umpiring Baseball
ATHC 3810 Directing Intermurals
ATHT 3580 – Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
ATHT 4000 - Strength, Conditioning, & Human Performance
EXSC 4830/4831 - Physiology of Exercise
HLTH – 1530/1 Health & Wellness
HLTH – First Aid & Safety Education
HLTH - 3320 Community & Public Health
HLTH – 3340 Foundations of Health Education
LSTS 3000 – Leisure in Your Life
LSTS 3520 – Leadership in LSTS
LSTS 3570 – Outdoor Pursuits Education
LSTS 3380 – Disability and Diversity in LSTS
LSTS 4110 Youth Sport Programming Administration
LSTS – 4140 Wine Tourism
LSTS 4490 – Campus Recreation
NFS 1240 - Principles of Nutrition
PHED 1200 - Beginning Weight Training
PHED – 3720 Fitness Education
PHED - 3800 Teaching Physical Education
PHED – 3760 Water Safety Instructor
PHED 4400 - Motor Behavior

Internship Option
*LSTS 4890 Senior Seminar in Leisure, Sport, Tourism
*LSTS 4902 Internship in Recreation Administration (12 hours)
*LSTS 4903 Internship in Sports Studies (12 hours)

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