Stipend Information

Important First Note:
If you are receiving financial aid through MTSU's Office of Financial Aid, please call the Financial aid office at (898-2830), to discuss how the URECA stipend may affect your financial aid package. URECA stipends are part of the allowable amount of financial aid a student can receive, and registration for future classes may be blocked if you are already receiving the maximum.

Q When are stipends paid?

A. When the URECA office has been given confirmation of your total hours by your mentor. This can be done by the mentor signing a time sheet (Scholar II), or by the mentor simply emailing the information to (Scholar I or Assistant). You are allowed 2 payments per semester.  The final payment will not be issued until the final report is submitted.

Q Do I get my stipend in one lump sum?

A Your stipend may be divided into the number of installments that your award time frame includes. For example, if your proposal was dated Jan 15 through May 15 (one semester), your stipend may be divided into 2 installments; if it was dated Jan 15 through August 15 (2 semesters), your stipend could be divided into 4 installments, etc. You may also choose to receive your payment in one lump sum at the end of the project, however the payment will not be issued until your final report is submitted. 

Q How will I get my check?

A Your payment will be by check, which can be picked up at Cope Building, mailed to the address on your application (must match address listed in Pipeline), or direct deposited to your bank account.