URECA Award Travel Information

If you have been awarded a URECA Scholar award to support travel that is necessary to accomplish your project, a travel authorization must be filled out completely. If you did not already include one with your URECA proposal, be sure to complete one at least 30 days before you are to leave. 

Most travel funds are awarded on a reimbursable basis only. Only airfare can be paid in advance by the university, and only when using one of MTSU's listed travel agencies. *Domestic travel authorizations must be turned in 30 days in advance to the travel office, and international authorizations must be turned in 60 days in advance. Cash advances are not available to students, and department purchasing cards cannot be used for travel expenses.

After your travel, you must fill out a Travel Claim within thirty (30) days in order to receive reimbursement. You must fill out a travel expense claim form that has all original receipts attached. Sign and deliver it to Katie Medrano, Ingram G014C. She will obtain the remaining necessary signatures. A check will be sent to you. Or, if you have arranged for direct deposit, your reimbursement can be deposited that way if you prefer. (Note - this form is an Excel spreadsheet)

If you need any assistance, please contact Katie Medrano at 615-904-8040 or email her at katie.medrano@mtsu.edu .