Faces of Tennessee Women in STEM


Melanie A. Mayes
Environmental Sciences Division | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
I enjoy the analytical/logical deduction side of science. Figuring out what happened in an experiment, and writing it up in a logical way can be great fun. Read more.

Dr. Kim Sadler
Associate Professor, Biology | Middle Tennessee State University
For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by plants and I enjoy watching them grow (I know, geek factor of 100). I currently work in life science education but plants are still near and dear to my heart. My biggest inspiration came from my Dad, who loved to photograph plants and stop the family station wagon to look at something blooming by the side of the road. Read more.

Dr. Cindi Smith-Walters
Biology Department and Center for Environmental Education | Middle Tennessee State University
I was raised in the country and we worked and played outside, so I've always been interested in nature. I can remember being a kid and catching grasshoppers and throwing them into spider webs to 'feed the spiders'. Read more.


Dr. Andrienne Friedli
Professor, Chemistry | Assistant to the Vice Provost for Research | Middle Tennessee State University

I was interested in science before high school. I liked all science, and particularly enjoyed earth science in middle school. I came from a family with many chemists, and grew up in an industrial community. Read more.

Dr. Arlene A. Garrison
Assistant Vice President for Research | University of Tennessee

In middle school I had my first real science course and entered
a Science Fair. It was a lot of fun to meet other students from the
area and the experiment was interesting. Read more.

Computer Science



Dr. Heather Brown
Associate Professor, Engineering Technology and Industrial Studies Middle Tennessee State University

I enjoy the combination of office work and field work. I like the design aspect of the materials going into the project. Working with my hands and also on the computer is a great part of the job. Read more.

Dr. Claudia J. Rawn
Senior Research and Development Staff Member/Joint Faculty Diffraction and Thermophysical Properties Group Materials Science and Technology Division/Materials Science and Engineering Oak Ridge National Laboratory/University of Tennessee

I like being in the lab and doing experiments. Afterwards I enjoy analyzing the data and writing papers. I also enjoy teaching (I always learn something new) and working with students. Read more.

Dr. Erin Wilkerson, PE
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

I've always liked puzzles and figuring out how things work. So, I enjoyed science because it described what I saw in the world around me. Read more.




Dr. Wandi Ding
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences | Middle Tennessee State University

I had an excellent math teacher in high school, her talent and encouragement lead my way to math. Also my father was a middle school math teacher and he explained some interesting math concepts to me from time to time. Read more.


Dr. Martha R. Weller
Professor, Physics and Astronomy | Middle Tennessee State University

I really love the idea that the universe works according to a set of rules that always apply. The challenge of physics (I love challenge, remember?) is first to find out what the rules are and then to learn how to use them to your advantage or to learn new things. Read more.

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