Faces of Tennessee Women in STEM

Dr. Claudia J. Rawn

Senior Research and Development Staff Member/Joint Faculty Diffraction and Thermophysical Properties Group Materials Science and Technology Division/Materials Science and Engineering Oak Ridge National Laboratory/University of Tennessee

I like being in the lab and doing experiments. Afterwards I enjoy analyzing the data and writing papers. I also enjoy teaching (I always learn something new) and working with students.

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21st MTSU EYH Conference 2017
Registration is now open!
The conference has been rescheduled for February 10, 2018.

Rachel Marlin represents MTSU at the SENCER Summer Institute.

Temi Thomas and Rachel Marlin will present EYH research at the ACS Fall 2017 National Meeting.

WISTEM Director, Judith Iriarte-Gross receives national awards in STEM.