B.R.A.V.O. (Blue Raider American Veterans Organization)


BRAVO" (Blue Raider American Veteran Organization) was founded in 2008 to act as a voice for veterans issues at MTSU. Since its inception, BRAVO has been involved in changes to campus policy that have increased veteran services. These include veteran only classes, early registration for veterans, a military center, and the approval of a military/veterans issues faculty committee. Our membership is open to everyone at MTSU, and we have among our ranks veterans from several different military generations (OIF/OEF, Gulf, Vietnam) and multiple services. Some of our vets are still in the National Guard and Reserve of multiple branches. We have students, faculty, and alumni as well as support from the community.

BRAVO's mission is to provide an inclusive student organization for veterans in and out of the military that provides networking, organizes social and service events, provides veteran specific services and advocates on behalf of student veterans.

BRAVO is a chapter member of the national Student Veterans of America and works to coordinate with veterans groups from around the region.

This is a group for veterans and supporters at MTSU. Anyone can join. We're looking for vets, family members of vets, and anyone who supports the military. It's also open to alumni vets. So come on in, say hi on the wall, and invite your friends! 

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If you have questions, contact BRAVO@mtsu.edu