D2L Course - Add, Remove, or Change User 

**Instructors of record may add co-instructors and faculty reviewers to their courses by going in to their D2L shell, clicking communication >> classlist >> add participant >> add existing users >> search the faculty member's name >> check the box by the faculty member's name >> choose the role >> click enroll existing user. Please be sure the additions are in compliance with FERPA guidelines. If you need assistance with adding co-instructors or faculty reviewers, please contact itdacad@mtsu.edu.

** If instructors have a student with a grade of incomplete who needs to complete work, the student’s role will be changed to “student incomplete” within the course for which they were originally registered in order to comply with FERPA guidelines.

**Students may only be manually added to or removed from manually created courses such as major field tests, choral groups, etc. Please contact itdacad@mtsu.edu and request a bulk enrollment form template.

Type in Dev if this is for a development course. Please include the year and Fall, Spring, or Summer

Sample: HIST 1010 D03. The section number must be included.

Sample: 87243.201880. This number may be found in Pipeline or within the D2L “My Courses” Widget. List “Dev” here if the course is this is a developmental shell.

Sample: “Change the role” is typically used to allow a student to complete work in a course where they were assigned an incomplete.

Sample: John Doe; Mary Lamb; Robert Miller

Usernames are the first part of the user’s email address, before @.

See the bottom of the page for details about these roles.


Role information for this form

  • Co-Instructor: An instructor set of permissions is granted but this person is not an official instructor in the course and will not be automatically enrolled as an instructor through Banner/Pipeline. Access to grades and course copying is permitted. Please be sure adding this role will not violate FERPA.
  • Faculty Reviewer:A faculty member assigned viewing privileges to all aspects of a D2L course for auditing or approving design.
  • Librarian:MTSU librarian who will assist with the D2L course. Access is given to student communications, content and assignments.
  • TA:A student assigned Instructor privileges within a course.
  • TA Grader Only:A student who has access to assist with the grading portions of a course such as the gradebook, attendance, discussions, rubrics and dropbox. No editing of content is permitted - only viewing.
  • TA Design Access Only:A student who has been given access to only the content building portions of a course. No gradebook or grading access is permitted with this role.
  • Student Incomplete:This role is to be used with the CHANGE option for students who get an incomplete in a course but need to continue to have access to the D2L course to complete work beyond the D2L Course End Date.
  • REMOVAL:This role choice is to be used with the REMOVE option if you want this faculty or staff member to be completely removed from the D2L course. Students may only be removed from manually created shells not listed in Pipeline.

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