D2L Crosslisting Request

This form is to be used for requesting that 2 or more D2L course sections be combined (merged) into a single offering designated as the "Parent" course. Course merging is a difficult process to undo, so accuracy in this form is very important to us.

In the past, MTSU has permitted instructors to crosslist courses based on schedules or convenience; however, this practice has caused issues within our integrated technology systems, especially Panopto and Evaluation Kit. For this reason, crossliting can occur only in the following scenarios: 

  1.  The courses to be crosslisted are the same course, with two or more sections, led by the same instructor.

  2. The courses to be crosslisted have co-instructors or teams of instructors who are sharing instructional duties and should all be evaluated by students.

  3. The courses to be crosslisted are 4000/5000-level split Undergraduate/Graduate courses taught by the same instructor.

All material within the Parent course will be kept. This will be the new course name that all the students will see after the merge.

Sample: HIST 1010 001 - please don't forget the section number

Sample: 14382.201910 - this number is found within Pipeline or within the D2L My Courses widget. Spring courses start with a 1, Summer courses start with a 5 and Fall courses start with an 8.

IMPORTANT: Identify all "Child" courses below. Remember that all material contained in these courses will be deleted (completely removed).

Sample: Western Civilization

Sample: HIST 1010 003 - (the section is very important to us)

Sample: 14337.201910



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