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Faculty may use these forms for requesting FITC assistance:

  1. Request to Change Role of Student or Add/ Remove Faculty or Staff to your D2L course.
    Please note that Banner/Pipeline automatically syncs with D2L to keep rosters up to date, including enrolling/unenrolling students and adding instructors of record.  Adding any users to courses where they are not officially enrolled as a student or as the instructor of record and will have access to student PII may constitute a violation of FERPA. For more information on MTSU’s FERPA policies, please review the following MTSU links: FERPA General Information; Best Practices for MTSU Faculty Compliance; Fundamentals of FERPA; MTSU FERPA training. For specific questions and/or concerns regarding FERPA, MTSU employees can consult The Office of University Counsel. 
  2. Request for a D2L development course
  3. Request to combine 2 or more D2L courses (Merge Courses)
  4. Request an individual instruction session/consultations
  5. Respondus access request
  6. General comment/request

Alternate ways to contact us:

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