D2L Bootcamp Course

D2L Bootcamp - FITC Course

This D2L course is a self-paced course. It has been created to help faculty:

  • find detailed references for using various D2L features
  • access videos for understanding D2L feature use
  • transform online materials
  • serve as a model for some options in designing online materials
  • review samples of accessibility in action within a D2L course and become more aware of accessible design
  • explore tips for creating online communication, assessment and presence

How to access the course:

  • Login to D2L with your MTSU credentials
  • Join the course by clicking the Self-Registration option on your D2L Homepage and then clicking the D2L Bootcamp: FITC Course link
    Self Registration for D2L Bootcamp Course

Once enrolled, either move through the course from start to finish, review those areas of D2L that are unfamiliar to you, or use the video library to find specific help. Use this course as a reference or refresher at any time. It will be updated regularly and always remain available for your use.



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