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  • The questions below are categorized and designed to help with typical requests that FITC is asked.
  • D2L Basics and D2L Extras may also address other general use questions.
  • The D2L Bootcamp course has detailed references and videos that may assist with questions.
  • We have D2L forms to use if you want: someone added to your course, to join courses, a development course, individualized training or something else.

General D2L Course Questions

Finding your D2L Courses

Be sure to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your browser.

Use the My Courses widget and the arrows across the top of that widget to find D2L courses for a specific term. The All option appear at the far left of that list. The Development option appears alphabetically when searching for development courses.

Also use the "Select a Course" option (the 9 square faqes to the right of TrueBlue Learning) to search for a course. Type in part of the course name or the course CRN and the term such as 201910 (for 2019 - Spring term) to quickly search for a course using that option. FYI: Spring courses end in "10". Summer courses end in "50".  Fall courses end in "80" for these numbers.
Finding D2L Courses with My Courses widget or 9 squares search

Students see the D2L course on the Start Date of the course and no longer see the course after the End Date. Typically courses open 5 days before the start of the term and close 10 days after then end of the term. Faculty may adjust these Start and End dates (see below).

Adjusting the D2L Course Start and End Dates

Students will not see their D2L course until the Start Date has arrived and students no longer see the D2L course after the End Date has arrived. Generally, courses open 5 days before the start of the term and close 10 days after the end of the term. Faculty often adjust these dates to something that suits their class a little better.

  1. Login to D2L and go into your course.

  2. Click Edit Course on the navigation bar (navbar).
    D2L Navbar Edit Course Choice

  3. Click the Course Offering information choice in the resulting list of choices. Often, it is first in the list or alphabetically in the Cs.
    Course Offering Information - D2L Edit Course Option

  4. Scroll down a bit and find the check faqes that activate the course date(s) you wish to change. After checking the faq(es), adjust the course Start Date and/or course End Date.
    Adjust D2L Start and End Dates

  5. Click Save.

Copying D2L Course Material into an Empty/New Course

Before beginning this process:

Find the D2L course that has the material that you want to copy into a new/empty course and click Edit Course and then Course Offering Information and make a note of the Course Offering Code because you will type in that number when searching to copy that content into an empty course. It will be a number like 84326.201810 and it is also commonly known as the course CRN.

Note: If you are copying material from another person's course, either you need to be added as an instructor to that person's course or the other instructor needs to be added to your course as an instructor to easily use this copy process below. Someone needs to be an instructor in both courses.

Copying D2L Material into an Empty Course Shell:

Having completed the process above, login to D2L and go into your empty course shell.

  1. Click Edit Course on the navigation bar (navbar).
    D2L Navbar and Edit Course
  2. Click Import/Export/Copy Components
    Import/Export/Copy Components in D2L Edit Course

  3. Select Copy Components from another Org Unit.

  4. Click the Search for Offering button
    Copy and then Search for Offering

    In the pop-up, type in the CRN for the course that has the material to copy into this course and press Enter or the search icon. It will be that number that you found in the "Before beginning this process" section. It will be something like 84326.201810 as the course offering code.

  5. Click the circle to the left of the course that has the material that you want to copy into this empty shell.

  6. Click Add Selected.
    Type in the CRN, select the course and click Add Selected

  7. Click Copy All Components (at the bottom of the screen) if you want EVERYTHING from the other course.

    Otherwise, go through the Select Components option at the bottom of the screen to find exactly the items you wish to copy from the old course into the new/empty course. 
    Copy All or Copy Selected

    Wait until the Copy in process is complete and then Click View Content to find the material in the new shell.

    Copy In Progress  Copy Complete

Note: Waiting is important here because if you start the process and don't wait it out and then start the process again, you will get 2 copies of everything in the course and that becomes a mess to sort and clean out. 

D2L Grading Questions

Grades: Releasing D2L Final Grades to Students

By default, final grades that are kept within D2L are not released to students automatically. You must consciously choose when you are ready for students to see the final grade in D2L. You'll see a hidden icon within the Enter Grades area under the Final Calculated Grade area until you release those grades.

Hidden Final Grades in D2L

This is not to be confused with the final grade that faculty enter into Banner for the official student transcript record.

Steps for Releasing the Final Grades kept within D2L:

  1. Login to D2L and go into your course.

  2. Click Assessments, Grades, Enter Grades.

  3. Click the dropdown next to Final Calculated Grade and click Grade All.
    Final Grade dropdown and select Grade All

    Be sure all your student's name are listed and check the faq in the upper left next to Last Name to select all students and then click the Release option. You should notice a check appear down the released column (to the far right). 

    Select all students and click Release

  4. Click Save and Close.

Note: If this doesn't solve the problem, be sure in Grades/Settings that you have chosen on the Calculation Options Tab the Release of Calculated Final Grade.


Grades: Final Calculated Grades Has Zeros 

To have D2L calculate those final calculated grades under Enter Grades when you see zeros down that column, click the Settings option in the Grades area (to the far right top). Then click the Calculation Options tab (3rd tab). At the bottom of the page there is a Auto Update option to "Automatically keep final grades updated". Check that faq and Save and then Close. You should then see the D2L calculated final grade based on your setup within the Manage Grades area.

Final Grades Automatically updated

D2L Quiz Questions

Quiz: Scores Not Moving to Grades Area

Often when changes are made to the quiz setup after the quiz has been made active or after some students have already taken the quiz, D2L will become confused because a change was made and will stop sending grades for a quiz into the gradebook. Or maybe an instructor has forgotten to mark to automatically send the quiz grades into the gradebook.

First, be sure that on the Quiz/Assessment tab that you've identified the grade item that should be associated with this quiz score and that the Allow automatic export to grades is checked. Click Save.

Quiz Grade and Automatic Export

You can manually then push the quiz grades over into the D2L gradebook.

  1. Login to D2L and go into your course.
  2. Click Assessments, Quizzes from the navbar.
  3. Click the dropdown next to the quiz and click Grade.
    Scroll to notice the scores that are there for students (near the bottom of the screen).
  4. Click the icon next to the word Published at the top of the column until the checkfaqes are gone from the published column for all the names and click Save. (Sometimes it takes a couple clicks.)

    Then again click the icon next to word Published until all the faqes are rechecked and click Save again.

    Quiz Published Scores Manual Push

    These grades should now be in the D2L gradebook under the associated Grade item.

Note: the Total points for the quiz should match the points for the grade item otherwise D2L will adjust that ratio when moving the grade into the gradebook.

Quiz: Unable to Find a Student Attempt

Sometimes when looking at the Quiz/Grades, a student name will not show up and the student will say that they started an attempt but something went wrong while they were working.

To find all Quiz Attempts:

  1. Login to D2L and go into your course.
  2. Click Assessments, Quizzes from the navbar.
  3. Click the dropdown next to the quiz and choose Grade.
    You'll find several student attempts listed at the bottom of the screen but some students may be missing.
  4. Click the Restrict to dropdown and select All Users .
    Then be sure to click the search icon (located above that option).

    Quiz Attempt for All Users

    All student attempts will then show at the bottom of the screen and notice that some students may have (In Progress) under their Attempt. 

    Quiz Attempt In Progress

  5. Click that Attempt 1 to see what they have answered. Decide whether to submit this attempt for the student or remove this attempt.

    One option in proceeding might be to then click the icon to the right of (In progress) to enter the quiz as the student and then click Submit Quiz for that student so that all the saved answers are kept for this attempt.

    Alternatively to remove the entire attempt, check the faq to the left of the attempt and click the trashcan at the top of the listing. This will remove that particular student's attempt so they may begin again (if desired).

    Additionally, Special Access on the Restrictions tab may be used to give a student extra attempts or special access times for this quiz.

Quiz: Poorly Worded Question - Adjust Scoring

When a quiz has a question where either the correct answer was not marked or when you might want to give credit for another answer choice(s) because the question was poorly worded, you may want to adjust the scoring on a quiz that used that question. Most faculty are tempted to change that question after a few students have taken that quiz, but in essence that changes the quiz for some students. The best approach is to fix the question in the question library and then fix that question in the quiz before the next time you deliver that quiz in a course (but not midstream).

To adjust the scoring on a quiz question:

  1. Login to D2L and go into your course.
  2. Click Assessments, Quizzes from the navbar.
  3. Click the dropdown next to the quiz name and click Grade.
  4. Click the Questions tab and click to update all attempts and click the quiz question with the problem.

    Quiz Question Update of Scoring

  5. Click to Give to attempts with answer X (a certain answer) and type in how many points. The top of the screen shows the question and possible answers.
  6. Click Save.

    Grade Attempts with Answer to give points

    Spot check that student scores have been updated.

    Alternatively, you can click to Give to all attempts X (a certain number) points. Everyone will get that number of points for this question no matter what their answer was.  

Quiz: Give a Student Special Access Conditions to a Quiz

Some students may need extra time on a quiz or may need to take a quiz during a different set of dates because of life circumstances.

Using Restrictions/Special Access within a Quiz:

  1. Login to D2L and click Assessments/Quizzes.
  2. Click the dropdown next to the quiz name and choose Edit.
  3. Click the Restrictions Tab and scroll to the bottom of the tab.
  4. Click the Add Users to Special Access button.

    Add Users to Special Access button

  5. Use the top of the resulting screen for adjusting either the Dates or the Enforced time limit. Use the bottom of the screen to select which student(s) will be granted these special conditions.
  6. Click Add Special Access.

    Adjust Special Access Conditions

    Select who gets special access

  7. Click Save and Close

Quiz: Delivering Quiz Questions by Random Selection

Prior to designing a quiz to deliver questions randomly, create questions within the question library in an organized fashion.

Design a quiz to deliver randomly selected questions:

  1. Login to D2L and click Assessments/Quizzes.
  2. Click New Quiz.
  3. On the Properties tab, name the quiz and click Save.
  4. Click Add/Edit Questions.
  5. Click New, Question Pool.

    New Question Pool

  6. Enter a Question Pool Title, click Browse Question Library and check the question library folder (or actual questions) to use in the Pool of Questions. Click Add.

    Question Pool Questions Selection

  7. Type in the number of questions from this set to give randomly to each student and how many points each question will be worth. Click Save. (Notice the preview on the right side of the screen.)

    Question Pool Number and Points

  8. Click Done Editing Questions.

    Question Pool Done Editing

    Under the Add/Edit Questions area, you should now see a pool of random questions whose total points add up to the desired amount. (Use Edit Values to adjust if need be.)

    Question Pool and Total Points

    Continue to design your quiz using the Restrictions, Assessment and Submission Views tabs.

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