Course Design & Redesign

The Instructional support team provides a number of methods of assisting with course design / redesign efforts.  These include:

  • Individual consultations. Prior to starting a course design project, schedule an appointment with an instructional designer/technologist to brainstorm ideas, plan out the use of technology tools and discuss course content needs.  Careful pre-planning can prevent problems later in the design process and lead to a more engaging course design. To schedule an appointment - contact us at 615-904-8189 or
  • Course design/redesign via an Instructional Design Team (IDT).  Involves the creation of a team of professionals (faculty member(s), instructional designer / technologist, learning multimedia, accessibility specialist, educational assessment expert) to redesign/design a course including multimedia. 
    • In an instructional design team,

      • the faculty member(s) serves as subject matter expert, establishing learning outcomes and providing content leadership;
      • the instructional designer / technologist(s) serves as the pedagogy expert determining appropriate teaching and technology methodologies to use;
      • the learning multimedia developer creates graphic, video and other course elements to enhance the course materials;
      • the accessibility specialist provides quality checking to assure that the course meets high, rigorous standards and will be accessible to all students, and
      • the educational assessment expert (s) provides direction on assessing the outcomes of the project.

      Faculty who submit proposals agree to, if chosen, work closely with the instructional team to review, re-envision and create a wide range of course resources to be used in course delivery.  Faculty will be expected to be an active team member in determining and meeting design outcomes and deadlines.  Proposal selection will be based on merit, curricular needs and student impact (i.e. plan to use course-wide or across courses, large number of students, etc.) Faculty teams are encouraged to submit. If chosen, a timeline (typically covers one semester) will be developed and all members of the team are expected to meet deliverable deadlines. To schedule an appointment - contact us at 615-904-8189 or

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