Introduction to Learning Media

ITD faculty support staff offer three levels of assistance in developing multimedia instructional materials.

  • Level I: Self-service. Provides instruction in the use of software/hardware/equipment and/or scheduling of time in the multimedia studio (TCM 210) for a faculty to create multimedia resources for instructional use. Level One Studio Products will be self-service, including any post-production work such as editing. Faculty must complete studio training before booking the studio. A minimum of ONE month prior to request date is required for training and/or scheduling.
  • Level II: Project-based. Provides professional services in the creation of a multimedia product (i.e. a video, audio clip, podcast, graphic, animation, simulation, etc.)  The Instructional Support Team will review all work orders and contact the submitter for more information if needed.  If/when approved, the work order will be added to the project queue and a discovery meeting scheduled. A project plan with anticipated start and completion dates will be determined at the discovery meeting. A minimum TWO months, once the project is approved, should be anticipated for the completion of a project.
  • Level III: Course design/redesign via an Instructional Design Team (IDT). Involves the creation of a team of professionals (faculty member(s), instructional designer / technologist, learning multimedia, accessibility specialist, educational assessment expert) to redesign/design a course including multimedia. (Level III projects accepted by IDT proposal only).


For tips, view our page on creating better presentations that includes a video example.


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