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Other Links

  • Gamma Iota Sigma
    • A professional insurance fraternity at MTSU that is closely related to AMSA.  Many actuarial science majors at MTSU have minors/majors in insurance and are members of Gamma Iota Sigma.
  • Research Experiences for Undergraduates
    • Visit this site to find out about some upcoming research opportuities.

Here are some links to many Tennessee Insurance and Actuarial Companies

  • Acuff & Associates - an actuarial and employee benefits consulting firm located in Brentwood, TN.
  • American General Corp. - a group of life insurance and benefits companies; has an actuarial department  in Nashville, TN.
  • By the Numbers Actuarial Consulting, Inc. - the casualty consulting firm headed by Lisa Dennison, FCAS, MAAA.
  • Casualty Actuarial Consultants, Inc. - a group of casualty actuaries headquartered in Brentwood, TN.
  • Caterpillar Financial Services Corp. - the financial arm of Caterpillar, Inc.; headquartered with an actuarial staff in Nashville, TN. Brian LePage of MTSU's Actuarial Science Advisory Council is over a large portion of the insurance department.
  • CNA - a life insurance company group with an actuarial unit in Nashville, TN.
  • Mercer Human Resources Consulting - one of the largest insurers in the country with a retirement benefits office in Memphis, TN.
  • Permanent General - a standard and sub-standard auto insurer with an actuarial department in Nashville, TN.
  • Select Actuarial Services - a casualty actuarial consulting firm in Nashville, TN, co-founded by one of the members of MTSU's Actuarial Science Advisory Council, Mary Frances Miller.
  • SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group, Inc. - a casualty actuarial consulting firm located in Nashville, TN.
  • UnumProvident - the largest disability insurer in North America, with offices in Chattanooga, TN, Portland, ME, and Columbia, SC.
  • Wells Fargo - this finance company acquired Nashville-based BPS&M, a large employee benefits and insurance company actuarial consulting firm, in 2001.

Some other prominent actuarial firms around the country.

  • The Hartford Actuarial Program - one of the premier programs for P & C actuarial students or interns, located in Hartford, CT.
  • New York Life Actuarial Program - a life insurance firm located in Manhattan, NY.
  • St. Paul Travelers - an excellent P & C insurance compnay located in Hartford, CT.
  • Watson Wyatt - A finance company with offices incities such as Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, Denver, Stamford CT, Atlanta, and Chicago. As a pension actuary, you will be headquartered in Cleveland, OH.

For a thorough search by city, state, or company, go to the SOA Actuarial Training Program Search.

Recruiting Agencies

These are more useful after you have been in the workforce for a few years. Not so much for recent graduates. 


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