Black Faculty and Staff Association
Mission / Vision


The mission of the Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA) is to support, validate, recognize and appreciate BFSA members. BFSA advocates for and advances the recruitment, development, mentoring and retention of Black faculty and staff. BFSA promotes demographic and racial diversity, and seeks to build a cohesive campus by:

  • Fostering positive race relations throughout the University community
  • Keeping issues of inclusiveness, diversity and equity at the forefront of policy making at the University, and
  • Partnering with campus and community organizations that share similar goals and objectives

BFSA actively supports the well-being of Black students to ensure the attainment of their academic and career objectives, and strives to serve as an invaluable resource for advising, mentoring and counseling Black students.


In alignment with the University’s commitment, our vision is a collaborative campus community where Black faculty and staff are well represented, mentoring opportunities flourish, professional equity is attained, and where Black students are nurtured and supported in a setting that values diversity, and expects and promotes cultural understanding.

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