JCB Faculty Technology Survey Spring 2022 - Executive Summary


The survey had a total of 83 respondents which is an increase of 5% in response rate compared to the previous survey conducted in 2013. We can divide the survey into four sections: teaching technologies, teaching methodologies & modalities, master classroom issues, and professional development opportunities. Below is a summary of the responses.


The good news is that the overwhelming majority (96%) of faculty/instructors use D2L.
This represents a 31% increase compared to our last survey in 2013.

  • The top used features in D2L still are: Content 98%, Grades 98%, Dropbox 95%
    Followed by News 88%, Class List 84%, Discussions 83%, Quizzes 82%
  • 54% of our faculty reported using external learning resources. This represents a 42% increase from our last survey.
    • The top used resources are MH Connect 20%, Cengage MindTap/SAM 13%, and Simulations 6%
  • 67% of our faculty create video tutorials for their classes. This represents a 65% increase from our last survey.
    • 80% reported using Panopto, 30% reported using Camtasia
  • 65% of our faculty use the automatic classroom webcast & recording system
    • The main reason to use the system: support students that miss class
    • The main reasons NOT to use the system are privacy and too many tech problems
  • • The most requested technologies/software to use in classes are1:
    • TopHat, clickers, and polling 15%
    • HyFlex classroom, omnidirectional microphone, and cameras 7%
    • Attendance capture technology 2%
  • Main challenges regarding the use of technology
    • Our faculty cited lack of time (66%) and lack of tech skills (40%) as the main challenges regarding the use of technology.

1Previous survey cited lecture capture, web conference, polling. The university provides Panopto lecture capture and Zoom conferencing now. We also offer free anonymous polling via MS Forms and PowerPoint.


The most used teaching methodologies (as reported by faculty) are:

  • Active Learning 45%, Problem Based Learning 41%, Experiential Learning (EXL) 39%
    Followed by: Flipped Classroom 36%, Game-based Learning 19%, and Simulations 1%

The most used teaching modalities (as reported by faculty):

  • The responses show the majority of our faculty teaches multiple class modalities, with face-to-face and online classes being the most common.
  • 89% teach online classes, 82% teach face-to-face classes, 39% teach hybrid classes
  • 40% of our faculty teach both: face-to-face and online classes
  • 30% of our faculty teach face-to-face, online and hybrid classes
  • 14% of our faculty teach only online classes
  • 6% of our faculty teach only face-to-face classes


The most reported master classroom problems are:

  • The microphones are not charged, need an omnidirectional ceiling microphone
  • Remote recorder devices issues: camera/desktop not showing, recording not saved in the correct course folders, not being copied to all course folders, etc.
  • Doc cam issues (dim image, how to use it, etc.) / Need a better camera / Projector over whiteboard issues
  • Wireless network speed not good
  • Slow pc in classroom
  • Lights in the room are too close to the screen / No automatic blinds in the room
  • Software issues: Adobe not working, MS Teams starting at login, Excel features missing


  • D2L training, developing D2L courses, how to engage students in Zoom/D2L
  • HyFlex, Qualtrics, PowerBI, M-Turk training
  • How to make better videos for lectures
  • A full-size Lightboard installation
  • Training on Matlab, SAS, SPSS, STATA, PLS

Working Group Technology Advisory

  • Volunteers: ACTG (1), MKTG (2), ECFN (1), MGMT (3), ISA (2)