Artificial Intelligence (AI) Resources For Learning

The current generation of students uses technology as an integral part of their daily activities. As an educational institution, we focus on providing students with the best learning experience possible. As a professor, you can make a difference by teaching your students the importance of learning, decision-making, creativity and positive impact. To support your efforts, we have compiled a list of AI tools that can assist you in promoting teaching, learning, and integrity in the classroom.

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Click the links below to learn more about each tool and start integrating AI into your learning today. Please use these tools with the understanding that these tools are NOT 100% perfect or accurate! 
Important: most tools require registration for a free-trial, some are free and others are paid-only. However, be advised that this may change over time. 

AI Text Generators and Assistants

Use these resources to generate text, ask questions, brainstorm ideas, etc. You can generate text for emails, social media posts, presentations, papers, blogs, etc. Recommended as an addition to your personal resources for curiosity, research, or even in class as a literuature research, or critical thinking exercise.

  • ChatGPT: a chatbot developed by OpenAI. It generates textual responses to questions and prompts, including ideas, songs, poems, script plays, complete and thoughtful essays, etc. * Recommended
  • Openai Playground: The original training ground for natural language modeling, provides many models.
  • a search engine, but it also includes a chat feature to get AI generate answers.
  • paid service (free trial) to write short essays for blogs, websites, ads, social media, etc.
  • an advanced text content generator writing tool with templates for emails, social media, product, blogs, etc.
  • AI writing assistant that creates high-quality content (cover letters, emails, pitches, business ideas, interview questions, SEO meta descriptions, tag lines, video ideas, song lyrics, etc.) 
  • AI tool that helps you write grant proposals, emails, articles, social media, etc. 
  • Cody: AI tool to easily create bots to answer questions about your business; organize documents in libraries. [video]. * Recommended
  • Humata: ask anything about a pdf document. For example, upload a pdf paper (<=20 pages) and then, aks questions and Humata will analyze the document and answer in plain english! 
  • Chatpdf: talk to your pdf document (<=50 pages) as it were a human with perfect understaning of the content.
  • Grammarly: grammar and syntax checker that includes a "Plagiarism" tool. It checks against public web content mainly. This tool is currently available to all Jones College of Business majors. * Recommended
  • Quillbot: AI-powered writting assistant with grammar, spell checker, parahraser, summarizer and translator capabilities. 

AI Text Generator Detectors

Use these resources to check if a paragrpah, essay or paper was partically or entirely generated by AI, 

  • The best AI detector. Supports new and old text generative models. * Recommended
  • AI Detector: AI generated text detector tool. It detects when text is likely to be generated by AI. * Recommended
  • GPTZero: AI generated text detector tool. Provides detailed measurements of originality.
  • AI Text Classifier: by OpenAI. It predicts how likely AI generated text. Need at least 1,000 words.
  • AI Content Detector: It estimates the percentage of human-generated content in text. 
  • Duplichecker: not an AI tool per se, but it provides many capabilities: plagiarism checker, paraphrasing text, grammar checker, word counter, reserve image search, text-to-speech, image tools, etc. The main drawback is that it has too many ads.

AI for Audio, Video, Picture and Art

Use these resources to create art. For example you can create logos, line-art, full color pictures, videos, etc. Create multiple profile pictures with various backgrounds and themes. Other tools allows you to enhance audio recordings by removing background noises, mouth sounds, etc. Some tools allows you to create royalty-free background music or break a long video into small videos. 

  • MidJourney: a very sophisticated AI image generator using stable diffusion to create realistic art. * Recommended
    See sample: Avatar  -  Carlos-LineArt-Realistic-Based-on-Picture
    • MidJournet Resources: use these resources to learn how to use creative prompts in MidJourney
      Gallery: A gallery of recent creations with the prompts used - requires paid subscription to see full prompts 
      Cheat Codes: A list of keyword prompts with sample outputs. 
  • Advanced AI image generator using stable diffusion to create realistic art. The advantage of this one is that you can see the prompts used to create the images. Excellent tool for learning how to create advanced prompts. * Recommended
    See samples: Sample 1  -  Sample 2
  • Bing Image Creator - Powered by DALL-E. 
  • ProfilePicMaker: Create awesome profile pictures for free! Upload your photo, and it creates multiple versions. *Recommended
    See samples: Original   Version 1   Version 2   Version 3   Version 4
  • D-ID: AI tool that generates photorealistic videos by combining images with text. See videos:   * Recommended
    Introduction video with Avatar . Avatar was created with MidJourney. Added script and generated the video.
    Introduction video with picture and recorded audio. Uploaded picture and used to clean the audio recording. 
  • creates videos using AI actors and your script, multiple templates. Great tool. Free trial.
    See samples: sample 1, sample 2, sample 3.
  • HeyGen ( upload a picture and a text script; it animates your face to speak the script. Great tool. Free trial.
    See a sample here. I uploaded the picture and a script and the service created the video automatically; really cool!!
  • Oxolo: enter the URL for your website and it will crawl your web pages and create a promo video automatically! 
    See sample video here. I entered our Jones College of Business Lab URL and generated the video in 5 minutes.
  • it creates short videos from long videos automatically - free trial (75 minutes) 
  • paid service to automatically clean your video audio from background noise, dead air, mouth sounds, filler words, stuttering, etc. Real cool!   * Recommended
  • Adobe Enhance Speech: Remove noise from voice recordings with AI. Log in with your MT Adobe credentials. * Recommended
  • free tool to create royalty-free background music tracks for your social media posts! 
  • Extract text from an image. Just drop an image and It will extract all the text for you to copy and paste. This is more an OCR tool but it is very useful, in particular when you get an email invitation that is an image instead of text!  

ChatGPT Curriculum Resources

Use this resource to get ideas about language about sylabus, policies, etc.

Articles Integrating ChatGPT in the Curriculum

Various articles about how to integrate ChatGPT in your classes, projects, etc. How to design assignments, manage students, etc.