Linkedin Learning

The Jones College of Business is proud to partner with, the world's most complete and reliable source of online training.  Under this new partnership, all Jones College of Business faculty/staff and any student (taking a business class), now have access to thousands of training modules available in Linkedin Learning.                                                      Link:



Linkedin Learning is one of the worlds most complete online training libraries. In this website you will find training videos for all type of applications and other general subjects. Just do a search for a given topic and all related videos will be shown. 

  • Over 42,678 tutorial videos are offered covering over 678 topics
  • The best source of training on many web development topics
  • Many levels of professional tutorials
  • Each online tutorial is presented as a video with an instructor teaching each training session
  • Screen shots, illustrations, captions and animations are presented to aid in clarifying the instruction
  • Data files provided with most training modules 


  • Log into Linkedin Learning using the MTSU provided instruction and link

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