Contract Office

On our site, you will find policies and procedures for contract agreements. You can download or print forms for various types of contracts. You will also find general information about our office and staff.

In addition to General Contract Guidelines, the Contract Office of MTSU handles the following types of contracts:

  • Dual Services Agreements
  • Professional Services Agreements
  • Clinical Affiliation Agreements
  • Intellectual Property/Research Agreements
  • Use of Facilities Agreements
  • Hardware/Software Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Entertainment Agreements
  • Deposit/Investment

Contact us by calling (615) 898-2088 or come visit us in the Cope Administration Building, Suite 114.

PLEASE NOTE: All University contract processing is now done electronically through MT$ource by the use of a special form entitled Contract Office Form, located in the Showcased Services section on the MT$ource home page.  The Contract Office Form replaces the paper approval process for all contracts (new, renewals, and amendments) and documents that require University signature(s).

We are providing ongoing training and contract processing Q&A sessions on an as-needed basis. Training is essential for those who enter and/or approve requisitions, and the use of the Contract Office Form in MT$ource is mandatory for the execution of contracts, agreements and other documents requiring an official University signature.

If you have questions about entering a contract into MT$ource, please contact the Contract Office (ext. 2088) or the MT$ource HELP DESK (ext. 5442).

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