Policies and Procedures

The following includes MTSU Policies and Standards, State of Tennessee, and MTSU policies and procedures. They are available for online viewing and printing. Please contact the Contract Office at (615) 898-2088 for more information. Also see forms for contract forms.

Key Contracting Restraints

  1. Consultants may not be hired if services can be satisfactorily and economically provided by an agency of the State of Tennessee (including another University department).

  2. A services contract cannot be used in lieu of proper employment of an employee through Human Resources.  Generally, an individual is an employee when the University has the right to control and direct the details and means by which the results of a job are to be accomplished.  This includes, but is not limited to the following criteria:  the right to determine when, where and how services are rendered; the right to discharge the worker; furnishing tools; furnishing a place to work; setting hours of work; expenses are paid by the University; the worker's services are integrated into the University's business; and the worker has the right to terminate the relationship without incurring a liability for failure to complete a job.

  3. Services must be procured through the purchase order bid process where appropriate.  Please contact Procurement Logistics Services or the Contract Office, if needed, to determine if the service is amenable to bidding.

  4. A services contract cannot be used to secure the services of current State or University employees or employees terminated within the last six (6) months.  "Employee" includes full or part-time faculty, staff, student employees and graduate assistants.

  5. Contract payments cannot be made in advance of service.   Payment can only be made after completion of services.
MT$ource Contract Processing
MTSU Policy 600
Procurement and Contracts Standards
MTSU Policy 631