If a student challenges authority:

  • Stay calm and do not internalize.
  • Respond with honesty, explaining, not defending, your position. A
  • void arguing - listen carefully to student’s position.
  • If the student continues, discuss with him/her privately.

If a student dominates the discussion:

  • Thank student for participating, but ask student to hold comments so others can get involved.
  • Terminate the lecture and ask students to write briefly on the topic and discuss later.
  • Talk with student after class if behavior persists.
  • In rare cases, limit student to two (2) comments per class.

If student threatens anyone:

  • Remain calm. Consider dismissing class early.
  • If possible, remove the threatening student from the classroom.
  • If student threatens you or others with violent acts and/or weapons, contact MTSU Campus Police at 615-898-2424 immediately.
  • Document the incident and file the report with the MTSU'S Office of Student Conduct, 615-898-2750, MTSU Box 17.

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