Below, please find two PowerPoint templates that you can use to create University-branded presentations. As we develop the site, additional templates for Word and other programs will be posted.

PowerPoint Templates

Zoom Background Images

To download image right click and use "Save image as" option. Remember to turn off mirroring in Zoom so that images appear correctly.

MTSU Walker Library MTSU Columns MTSU Entrance MTSU Columns Pic2
MTSU KOM Building MTSU SSAC Building Interior MTSU Science Building MTSU Walker Library Entrance
MTSU Skybridge MTSU Student Union Building MTSU Honors Building MTSU Honors Building pic 2
MTSU Kom Building in fall MTSU Horseshoe MTSU horseshoe pic 2 MTSU main entrance obelisk
MTSU KOM Building fromfront MTSU Reese Smith Jr Field MTSU Peck Hall MTSU Honors Building pic 2
MTSU Floyd Stadium MT v GT MTSU Walker Library interior MTSU couch on quad MTSU couch in quad Tru Blue
MTSU Wordmark and True Bjue step and repeat MTSU horshoe True Blue illustration MTSU Be True Blue illustration  

Design Conductor Templates

For templates on a wide range of smaller projects, such as certificates, bookmarks, programs, or on-campus flyers, please visit our template program.

If you are interested but are not able to log in, please email kara.hooper@mtsu.edu with your request to receive an email invitation to the template system.

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