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The Adaptive Technology Center (ATC) is a campus resource for students that are registered with MTSU's Disability & Access Center (DAC). We are here to provide alternative formats of print material, adaptive hardware/software, and any other form of access via technology that is within our ability to offer.

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Our lab is located on the first floor of Walker Library, room 174. If you are interested in our services but have not registered with the DAC, their office is on the first floor of the Keathley University Center, room 107.

ATC Services

You may use the links below to quickly jump to the ATC software and service you are interested in:

Accessible Computers & Equipment

In the ATC we have six accessible workstations, each with a full suite of adaptive software. We also have refreshable braille displays, desktop video magnifiers, and high contrast keyboards available at select computers.

Fortunately, students are not limited to the computers in the ATC for accessibility. Adaptive technologies can be found at the following locations:

Computer with high contrast keyboard, magnification equipment, and trackball mouse, with Electronic Information Center entrance in foreground

Please note that each of the above locations has separate hours of operation.

Other Resources