Shared Digital Signage Resources

Using the shared image repository

(For designated signage content administrators)

If you have a piece of content you would like to share with the group, please place that file in the "Shared Sign Content" network folder. All sign content administrators should have access to this:

  1. Create and save your file using the naming criteria below (the dates that it should be displayed-file name and extension).  File name example: 060315-082215-Dinner Movie and Carnival.jpg
  2. Don’t forget that all images need to be at least 96dpi; if you need something special, it is best to contact CMS.
  3. Send an email to this email address (, stating that you have added a shareable file and a short explanation of the purpose.  

ITD will, on occasion, add images from the SU video wall so you might want to check the folder weekly to see if we have added anything new. We will also intermittently go into the folder and “houseclean” to remove old content and keep the file list in check.

To use shared content, place the item within your Powerpoint file. You may need to resize the image depending on your sign template – if you need help with that, feel free to contact us at