Study Abroad

Honors students are strongly encouraged to seek study abroad opportunities. Students can count a maximum of nine semester hours from study abroad experiences toward the Honors College graduation requirements. In some instances, three hours may apply as upper-division interdisciplinary seminar credit if the course qualifies and approval is granted before the trip dates.

There are three general types of approved study abroad programs at MTSU:

  • Program Providers offer short-term (summer, winter) and long-term (semester, academic year) programs.  These have a high level of support and provide students with a chance to study abroad with other U.S. and local (host country) students. Examples are programs offered through CIEE, ISA, and USAC 
  • Exchange Programs are long-term (semester, academic year) programs.  They offer greater independence and the ability to study with local (host country) students.  Tuition & fees may be paid to MTSU or to the provider, depending on the programs.
  • MTSU Signature Programs are MTSU faculty led, have a high level of support, are 2-4 weeks in duration, and earn 3-6 credit hours.  These are typically summer courses and include the Honors Signature programs.

Honors Signature Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

For more Study Abroad general information visit: MT Abroad Office

Forms & Scholarships

Study Abroad Scholarship/Intent Form 
(submit online, sign in with Pipeline username and password)

  • Students wishing to receive Honors credit for studying abroad must first be pre-approved for a study abroad program from a representative from the MT Abroad Office, Peck Hall 207, (615-898-5091). Then, complete the Honors Study Abroad Scholarship/Intent form online and email a copy of your study abroad pre-approval letter to your honors advisor.  You must complete the Honors form before your trip dates in order to receive credit towards your honors requirements. You must submit by the applicable deadlines in order to be considered for study abroad scholarships.
  • Deadlines for honors scholarship consideration: 
    Honors Scholarships for Winter Programs: September 30th
    Honors Scholarships for Spring Programs: October 30
    Honors Scholarships for Summer Programs: January 30 
    Honors Scholarships for Fall or Year-Long Programs: February 28
  • Honors Study Abroad Scholarships: Students may apply for funding to help finance their Study Abroad Program by completing and submitted the form above. Once approved, students must then accept the scholarship by completing the acceptance form:
     Study Abroad Scholarship Acceptance Form.
  • For more information, please contact your honors advisor.

Other support:

Passport Assistance Scholarship