Pay Schedule and Check Distribution Information

Monthly Payroll

Employees are paid on the last business day of every month.

2022 Pay Schedule

1/31/22 Monday
2/28/22 Monday
3/31/22 Thursday
4/29/22 Friday
5/31/22 Tuesday
6/30/22 Thursday
7/29/22 Friday
8/31/22 Wednesday
9/30/22 Friday
10/31/22 Monday
11/30/22 Wednesday
12/30/22 Friday

2023 Pay Schedule

1/31/23 Tuesday
2/28/23 Tuesday
3/31/23 Friday
4/28/23 Friday
5/31/23 Wednesday
6/30/23 Friday
7/31/23 Monday
8/31/23 Thursday
9/29/23 Friday
10/31/23 Tuesday
11/30/23 Thursday
12/29/23 Friday

Check Distribution

Effective July, 2007 direct deposits became mandatory for all employees.

If you have direct deposit your direct deposit notification will be sent to your email address. Your notification will be accessible only from a link within the email addressed to you, and will be protected for viewing by a password. You will receive instructions in your email notification each pay period. If you do not have an email account your direct deposit notification will continue to be sent to your department for distribution.

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