Human Resource Services Staff

Kathy Musselman Assistant Vice President 615-898-2929
Executive Staff 
Debbie Givens  Executive Secretary 615-898-2249
Trina Clinton  Coordinator 615-898-5344
Kim Burns  Personnel Assistant 615-898-2929
Employee Benefits
Lisa Batey  Director of Employee Benefits 615-898-5712
Danielle Archuleta Coordinator - EPAF'S 615-898-2382
Wendy Brown  Asst. Director of Benefits 615-898-5134
Karen Milstead  Senior Benefits Specialist 615-898-5390
LaCresha Longwell Coordinator - I-9 615-898-5235 
Belinda Pate Data Entry Payroll Analyst  615-898-5713
Becky Young  Benefits Specialist 615-494-7627
Employment Office   
Vacant Director of Employment/Employee Relations    615-898-5133
Renee Clodfelter Classification/Compensation Analyst 615-898-2248
Jamie Wilson Classification/Compensation Analyst 615-898-2928
Payroll Services 
Gayle Barker  Director of Payroll Services 615-898-2186
Robert Brown Payroll Supervisor 615-898-5727
Jamie Parker Payroll Coordinator 615-898-2186
Lisa Jones Assistant Director of Payroll Services 615-898-2186
Becky Milliken Payroll Coordinator  615-898-5129
Shannon Sexton Payroll Coordinator 615-898-5852
Human Resource Services 

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204 Sam H. Ingram Building 
Murfreesboro, TN  37132-0001