How to Collaborate with IDA

Would you like to collaborate with the IDA Center on a particular program or initiative? Do you have a big idea? Is there something we aren’t doing you believe we should be doing? Maybe you have found a problem that exists, but there’s currently no solution. The IDA Center is here to help you take your idea from conceptualization to reality.

Engaging students, faculty, and staff to ensure that promoting cultural awareness & embracing diversity is not something we talk about, but something we strive to do every day.

As the Intercultural & Diversity Affairs Center plans programming throughout the year, we want to hear from you. Individuals and organizations within the MTSU community are invited to submit their ideas that would strengthen and promote respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion in programming designed to enhance a climate of understanding and respect throughout the campus community.

Your ideas are welcomed and encouraged. Once you submit your idea, we will follow-up to discuss your ideas in greater details to determine how we can incorporate it into existing programming or use it to establish something new.

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