Frequently Asked Questions

Lecture Are scholarships available for ethnic minority students attending MTSU?

Merit-based scholarships are available on a competitive basis. All scholarship applicants are evaluated according to high school grades, American College Test (ACT) scores, rank in class, extracurricular activities, leadership positions and honors. Scholarships are also available through a few academic departments. Contact MTSU Financial Aid Office or the academic department for your major for more information on scholarships.

Intercultural & Diversity Affairs offers several scholarships as well. More information can be found on the Scholarships page.

How can I become a more involved student?

To get the most out of your university experience, you should become involved in co-curricular activities, student life, and student organizations such as AASA, academic clubs, Greeks, SGA, etc. Additionally you are encouraged to:

  • Develop and Test Your Leadership Skills
  • Take on Leadership Roles
  • Make Your Own Decisions
  • Be Responsible
  • Assert Yourself
  • Make Yourself Known Among Your Peers and Instructors
  • Attend University and Departmental Functions such as Lectures and Socials
  • Make a Positive Difference at Your University