Human Subjects Research Training


The IRB and IACUC will at a reduced capacity during June and July of 2022.  Please refer to the summer schedule page for important informaiton (Click here)


Training Requirements


  • All researchers seeking IRB approval are required to tge  "Social and Behavioral Research (SBR)" training course through CITI Program.
  • STUDENTS - In addition to above, the students must also complete "Students in Research" module listed under SBR
  • Depending on the type of the research topic, target population and the risk level, additional modules or courses have to be completed - please refer to the CITI Training Table shown in the bottom of this page.

The IRB requires all individuals who would be recruiting or intervening in a research study that involves humans must receive human subject training prior to seeking a protocol approval.  MTSU uses the CITI program to enforce this mandatory OHRP requirement.  The training requirement is imposed on all individuals who will be collecting data from a living individual regardless if the contact is direct or indirect.  The Principal Investigator (PI) or the faculty advisor (if the PI is a student) must enforce this requirement without any exceptions.  The PIs or the faculty advisors must also maintain proper training records for their entire research team and they should also ensure that the training dates are up to date.

Who has to complete the training?

How to register for a CITI Program account?

  1. Visit
  2. Register using your official name 
    1. Ensure your first and last names you provide to CITI matches your MTSU records and your IRB applications
    2. The IRB will accepts official name changes
  3. Click here for general information on how to enroll in a CITI course
  4. Click here to learn how to add and take Social and Behavioral Research training course and other mandatory modules

How to Complete SBR Training?

  1. Logon to your CITI account and follow these directions to add SBR training to your MTSU profile:
    1. Click here for turn-by-turn directions
    2. Click here for detailed description
  2. Complete all required courses and corresponding modules as shown in the CITI Training Table below
  3. In most instances, the Office of Research Compliance has limited access to your course completion information.  However, be prepared to provide proof of certification if directed by IRB or the Office of Research Compliance.  

What are the mandatory courses?

  • STUDENTS - MUST complete "Social and Behavioral Research" training AND the `optional' module "Students in Research" (ID1321) AND complete additional modules depending on your study (refer the table listing provided in the bottom).  Click here for an entire list of modules under this training course.
  • FACULTY/Staff - MUST complete "Social and Behavioral Research" AND complete additional modules depending on your study (refer the table listing below).  Click here for a full list of modules under this training course.  
  • If the study is funded by a federal agency, then all of the researchers in the study must also complete "Responsible Conduct in Research" relevant to the field of study. 
The courses specified as "SUPPLEMENTAL" in the CITI website do not imply they are optional; they may be mandatory depending on the type of study and the kind of participants.  
IMPORTANT - the previously offered "Students Conducting No More than Minimal Risk" training is no longer accepted.  This is because CITI has made a few changes from January of 2016 such that the new SBR course replaces the old minimal risk course.  In addition, several of the modules offered within the old SBR are now offered as "supplemental." This new arrangement is expected to allow students and faculty members to complete only those modules that are relevant to their research.  

Additional Mandatory Courses and Modules

In addition to the mandatory course(s) mentioned above, one or more of the following module(s) or course(s) must also be completed based on the type of study or participant pool.  Please note that CITI calls these as "optional" but they are mentioned so because  the requirement is left at the IRB's discretion.  Moreover, it is best practice for the researchers to complete these  supplemental modules.  However, the OC will not hold the review in the event the researcher is genuinely unaware of this requirement as long as the Social and Behavioral training has been successfully completed.  But, the approval will be pending to the successful completion of meeting all training requirements.

CITI Training Table 

Applicant Type
Research Type
Additional Course(s) and/or Module(s) to be Completed
Social and Behavioral Research training
Students in Research (ID1321)
IRB Members
 (1) IRB Administrator's Responsibilities (ID13813) AND 
(2) IRB Member Module - What Every New IRB Member Needs to Know (ID816)
Research with Prisoners (SBE ID 506)
Research with Children (SBE ID507)
Elementary and Secondary Education
Research in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools (SBE ID508)
International Matters
(1) International Research (SBE ID509) AND
(2) International Studies (ID971)
  Any   Workers/Employees
(1) Research and HIPAA Privacy Protection (ID14) AND
(2) Vulnerable Subjects - Research involving Workers/Emloyees (ID483)
Involving Internet 
Internet Based Research (SBE ID510)
  Collecting health information  
Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) Course





Informative Videos

The following links are videos from the OHRP to further educate researchers on the necessity of ethics in human subject research specifically pertaining to the protection of human subjects.  MTSU IRB recommends researchers to watch these videos prior to completing their training.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WATCHING THESE VIDEOS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR CITI TRANING.