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In 1977 MTSU professor June Anderson founded the Women’s Information Service for Education (WISE). After her death in 1984 WISE was renamed the June Anderson Women’s Center.

In 2010 the June Anderson Women’s Center and the Center for Off-Campus Students were combined to form the June Anderson Center for Women and Nontraditional Students to serve the needs of these distinctive student populations.

June S. Anderson

Born in 1926 in Tipton County, Tennessee, June S. Anderson was an only child. Although she suffered from asthma throughout her life, she earned her college expenses through scholarships and work and received a B. S. degree in 1947 in chemistry and biology and an M. A. degree in 1948 in chemistry and English.

From 1947-1958 Anderson taught high school science. She completed a second undergraduate degree (in physics) in 1954 after receiving a general Electric Fellowship and in 1957 she received the Tennessee's Distinguished Science Teachers Award. She joined the faculty of MTSU in chemistry in the fall of 1958. In 1964 she completed post-doctoral study at the University of Arkansas under a national Science Foundation grant.

In addition to teaching at MTSU for 25 years, Anderson founded Concerned Faculty and Administrative Women (1975) as an academic support service for women and established the Women's Information Service for Education (WISE) in 1977. She also founded Women in Higher Education in Tennessee (WHET), participated in the Rape Alert program, conducted Women's Studies Classes, and championed pay equity, child care centers, and proper campus lighting.

The June S. Anderson Foundation was established in 1982 to support women entering non-traditional educational fields. Following her death in 1984, the WISE center was renamed the June Anderson Women's Center to honor the life of this distinguished educator.

"She was fearless and tenacious. When she wanted something, she wouldn't quit until she achieved it." Esther Seeman, Director, Japan Center

"June was very interested in making things easier for women -- to make it easier for them to do what had been so difficult for her. In that sense, every woman on campus is indebted to her." Margaret Ordoubadian, Associate Professor, English


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