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Nearly four million undergraduates are parents
( Briefing Paper #C496, April 2021).

At the June Anderson Center for Women and Nontraditional Students, we understand the additional level of responsibility our students with dependents have. Please see the resources we have available. If there are any resources you would like to suggest, please email

Child Care Fund

Starting Fall 2022, The June Anderson Center will be offering a Child Care Fund to assist student parents in funding child care so that they may work on their education. Applications for Spring 2023 are available through December 2nd, 2022. Please fill out this form.

Guidelines for Application Submissions


  1. Must be an MTSU student enrolled in at least 3 or more credit hours.
  2. Must have a current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with the Office of Financial Aid and be Pell Grant eligible.
  3. Must be the primary residential parent or court approved guardian of a child aged twelve years or younger or maintain 50/50 custody of a child aged twelve years or younger.
  4. Must demonstrate a need for childcare and/or after school care.
  5. Must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 each semester or be a first-time applicant.
  6. Must meet with Parenting Student Coordinator to review application in person or via Zoom.

To apply

  1. Submit the June Anderson Center Child Care Grant application and authorize the MTSU Financial Aid and Scholarship Office to release relevant confidential information.
  2. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for 2022-23 award year.
  3. If previous recipient of the June Anderson Center Child Care Grant, submit official MTSU transcript.
  4. Submit proof of enrollment (class schedule for upcoming term or registrar verification).
  5. Submit birth certificate of child or State of Tennessee permanent parenting plan order or power of attorney for care of a minor child.
    1. If out-of-state student, please contact the June Anderson Center.

Selection Criteria (for administration)

  1. Application process will remain open for 1 month.
  2. Sliding scale award based on child’s age. Children younger than 6 and not enrolled in kindergarten will receive greater financial support. However, funding will be available for student parents with children 6-12 years of age that require before and after school care. This information will be obtained from the June Anderson Child Care Grant application.
  3. Student parents with more than one child may be eligible for more financial support depending on the number of children and the ages of the children.
  4. If enrolled in summer classes, student parents may use the grant for childcare, ESP programs, and/or summer camps.

Additional requirement of award recipients

  1. Student parents must provide an initial receipt and/or bank statement as proof of childcare/before and after school expenses.
  2. During the Fall and Spring semesters, grant money can only be used for programs that are licensed under the Department of Human Services (DHS) or under the supervision of the Department of Education (DOE). Grant money cannot be given to family members, friends, or babysitters.
  3. Grant money will not be available for children enrolled in Head Start, the TN Voluntary Pre-K Program, or the TN Integrated Pre-K program unless they require additional before/after school care.

Special considerations

  1. Student parents failing to meet semester GPA requirements may submit a one-time appeal for consideration in the event of exceptional circumstances. All exceptional circumstances must be documented. Appeals will only be considered if additional funds remain after the initial application cycle is complete.
  2. Student parents whose appeal is denied, may reapply for the grant after waiting one academic year.

June Anderson Center Toy Lending Library

The June Anderson Center hosts a Toy Lending Library containing books, puzzles, dolls, games, and more!  For the JAC Toy Lending Library procedures, click here. Additionally for use of the Toy Lending Library, JAC requires an application, found here.
Applications for the Toy Lending Library should be sent via email to 

The JAC Toy Lending Library website is located online at:

Students with Dependents on GROUPME!

If you are interested in joining a Students with Dependents GROUPME, please email for the group information.

Lactation Space on Campus

The June Anderson Center hosts a lactation space on the 3rd Floor of the Student Union Building. It is located in Room 332, around the corner from the restrooms. Please slide the marker located outside the door so that others know that a chair is in use. We have three chairs, each with a curtain for your privacy. There is also a sink located in the room. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our lactation space, please feel free to stop into the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership (STU 330) or email us at

Child Care Offerings ON CAMPUS

MTSU hosts several child care offerings on campus. Please see those opportunities at:

*Please note The June Anderson Center is not a child care facility.

Child Care Offerings OFF CAMPUS

The June Anderson Center has compiled a list of child care offerings and openings off-campus. Please see the Google Sheet here: Off-Campus Child Care Centers

Additionally, we have a list of Drop-In Care and Babysitting.

For information about qualifying for the CHILD CARE CERTIFICATE PROGRAM, which pays for part of the parent’s child care fees, please visit the Tennessee Department of Human Services webpage at

*The June Anderson has no affiliation with any off-campus centers, drop-in care, or babysitting services. Please note The June Anderson Center is not a child care facility.

Pinnacle National Honor Society

As parents, students of any age are considered nontraditional students. Please see our Pinnacle National Honor Society on information about joining their student organization.

Local Happenings

The June Anderson Center maintains a calendar of local family events and children's activities, updated monthly.
Monthly Student Parent Activity Calendar

MTSU Student Parent Resource Guide

This quick guide can assist you in finding resources for you and your family, including both on- and off-campus assistance!

Student Parent Resource Guide

School Supplies Donation

The June Anderson Center welcomes donations of school supplies to distribute to our parenting students and their families.

Backpacks Band-Aids Kleenex Highlighters
Pink Erasers Graph Paper Glue Sticks Glue Bottles
Baby Wipes Paper Towels Disinfecting Spray Disinfecting Wipes
Binder Dividers Index Card Cases Plastic Pencil Cases Dry Erase Markers
3x3 Sticky Notes 3x5 Index Cards Ziploc Bags,
all sizes
#2 Pencils
3 Ring Binders
3 Ring Binders
Colored Pencils
Watercolor Sets
Crayola Fine Line
Markers, 10 Count
Crayola Broad Line
Markers, 10 Count
Folders with
Pockets and Prongs
Wide Ruled
Spiral Notebooks


Wide Rule
Composition Notebooks
Wide Ruled
Loose Leaf Paper



You can drop off donations when the office is open in STU 330, or simply purchase items from an Amazon Wish list to be sent straight to the Center: JAC School Supplies Wish List


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